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Fantasia 2012: Beyond the Film Festival Day 2

Fantasia 2012: Beyond the Film Festival Day 2

Since Sound on Sight was founded, we have always been one of the biggest fans of the Fantasia International Film Festival. With every year we provide even more coverage, updating daily with new articles, reviews and as many podcasts as humanly possible. This year in collaboration with CUTV, we will also be including video coverage of the event as a means of supporting our written and podcast content without a new program called Beyond the Film Festival. With videos about most anticipated films, Fantasia events, reviews, lists and anything else we can come up with, we will offer a whole new aspect of the festival. For those of you who are unable to attend Montreal’s favourite film festival, this will be the closest you will get to attending the event. There will be a daily update with our material, be sure to check us out and subscribe to our youtube channel!

– Justine Smith

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Trailer Review for Memory of the Dead

[vsw id=”yi7cQADHcLw” source=”youtube” width=”505″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

A capsule review of the Fantasia Film Festival opening film, Takeshi Miike’s For Love’s Sake