Fantasia Film Festival 2011– Four Wild Cards #3 ‘The Robot’

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#4 – The Robot

Directed by S. Shankar

A while back we shared this video with our readers. It is pretty silly, but also pretty incredible. The footage comes from a 2010 Indian science-fiction film called Enthiran (The Robot). It’s safe to say that fans of spectacular action sequences similar to what you see in Terminator Salvation and The Matrix will absolutely love it. The film is co-written and directed by S. Shankar, and is reported to be the most expensive film ever made in India. The movie features Rajinikanth in dual roles, as a scientist trying to control his android, and also as the android itself. The film has been in production for eight long years, and was both critically acclaimed and a box office sensation in India – in fact, it’s the second highest grossing Indian film of all time. But does the film have a coherent narrative or is just another big-budget, aggressive sensory overload? I’ve had to sit through another Transformers movie this summer, and I’m a little worried this might be a little too much. But again as with every film on this list, I’ll take my chances. Here is a clip to whet your appetite. I’m giving The Robot the Ace of Space.



[vsw id=”svOlz2ei4Yk” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]


  1. walkerp says

    You know, I would recommend that you don’t put that video in but rather use the official trailer. That thing takes a big chunk of the money shots from the movie and distills them down, which is kind of a big spoiler and a bit of a bummer.

    Also, great idea for a series of blog posts. I’ll be reading them all.

  2. walkerp says

    I have seen the entire movie and I can tell you that it is freaking awesome. The special effects and the creativity they achieve with the robot are amazing. The story is epic and engrossing as the best Bollywood films are (though this movie is not strictly Bollywood as it comes from the Tamil cinema of the south) and it also has some goofy wacky moments as well. Just full on entertainment.

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