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‘Fast 8’ is not revving up just yet says producer

‘Fast 8’ is not revving up just yet says producer

Furious 7

It seems like the cast and crew of the Fast & Furious franchise isn’t gearing up for their latest follow-up just yet.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, producer Neal Moritz said that they hadn’t even started planning the eighth film yet.

“Honestly, we’re just bathing in the success of this,” Moritz said. “We’ll probably get together in a week or so to talk.”

While there is no way that Universal wouldn’t move forward after Furious 7 had a massive first weekend, not to mention the fact that chairman Donna Langley said the franchise could have up to 10 installments when it is all said and done. THR adds that at this point, no writer has been signed on to work on a script even though Chris Morgan has worked on the past five screenplays.

There is much uncertainty around the franchise’s eighth offering after the death of Paul Walker marred this current option. There is also no director in place after Furious 7’s James Wan was given leave from his two-picture option with the franchise after Walker’s death and moved on to work on the follow-up to his horror film, The Conjuring.

Wan could always come back, but that will depend on his schedule with The Conjuring 2, which is set to start production in October. THR mentions that Justin Lin, who directed Fast & Furious 6 most recently, could return, but he is also tied up with a big franchise film called Star Trek 3. They mention that a shortlist of directors could appear very soon.

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As for the story, star Vin Diesel mentioned that it will be taking place in New York with even more focus on Kurt Russell’s character from Furious 7. “[The story] is going to have to be something enticing for all of us,” says Moritz. “It has to be as good as or better [than Furious 7].”

Furious 7 is currently playing in theaters, which our own J.R. Kinnard says includes “big action, gravity-defying car shenanigans, and unstoppable macho energy make for a ridiculously fun ride.” The franchise also has been examined as it evolved from a grease monkey film to an action packed heist thriller.