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First Look At ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two

First Look At ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two

AMC has revealed your first look at season 2 of the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead. The second season is currently shooting in Georgia, and AMC has unleashed the first still from the production. It isn’t much to get excited over, but it is s start. The second season won’t air until late October but expect more coverage in the months to come. Earlier last week it was reported that the show might be getting some budget cuts but it still hasn’t been confirmed, although I highly doubt it, since it is their highest rated show. Here is what Frank Darabont recently had to say:

“At this moment, I’m standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, there are none better. It’s great to be shooting again. I think we’ve embarked on a great season”.

Also here is a video to whet your appetite.

[vsw id=”eoRnBvDxGaw” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]