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‘Beyond Belief #1’: An Entertainingly Good Time

‘Beyond Belief #1’:  An Entertainingly Good Time



Written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker
Pencil Art by Phil Hester
Ink Art by Eric Gapstur with Ande Parks
Color by Maurico Wallace
Published by Image Comics

Are you a fan of Beyond Belief from The Thrilling Adventure Hour? Or do you enjoy your horror stories with comedy? Readers with background with Beyond Belief the radio show will delight in the portrayal of Frank and Sadie Doyle, upper class spiritualists, especially with the radio show writers Acker and Blacker on the project. For new readers, the comic offers humor and fun. The drawbacks of Beyond Belief #1 are the plot of the first story.

Acker and Blacker offer up a two stories of Frank and Sadie: one being a tale of a haunted house and the second is the first meeting of Frank and Sadie. In the stories, Beyond Belief # 1, follow Frank’s and Sadie’s friend Donna buy a haunted house. She summons the Doyles to deal with the situation. The Doyles come along to assist their friend and investigate the haunting. They soon discover the house was built on a site for religious event, which started the whole affair. Acker and Blacker lead on the story to the primary struggle of the haunting while the Doyles laugh and make merry among the dangers. The second part of the comic introduces the reader to Frank and Sadie before they were a couple. Sadie comes to the party with her date Bo Bo. Frank is there as well. During the course of the party, a ruined séance summons up an angry spirit and demonic hounds. It is up to Frank and the lovely Sadie to get the supernatural under control. All the while the adventure plays out, Frank and Sadie spark love between them.

Arcker and Blacker write a funny duo through Frank and Sadie. Furthermore, the writer’s first plot feels a little flat while the second plot feel more complete. Frank and Sadie in the comic play well off each other through their dialogue. Their jokes come quickly and with wit showing how the couple gets along perfectly. Frank and Sadie even make light of what might be considered dangerous situations, such as being surrounded by ghosts. The first plot has little for the Doyles to do in the way of action and character development. It feels that Arcker and Blacker focus more on the comedy rather than the events of the story. The second story offers more in the way of a full arc. The Doyles have more well-rounded characters and growth.

If you want a comic that is a little spooky and has a whole lot of laughs, check out Beyond Belief #1. It will give you a good read. Just keep in mind the second story will appear stronger than the first.