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‘Game Of Thrones’ Deck of Playing Cards

‘Game Of Thrones’ Deck of Playing Cards

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Jim Tuckwell is currently working on creating a Game Of Thrones deck of playing cards.The four major houses lend themselves perfectly to the four card suits but he has yet to complete the set. Here is three examples of what you can expect, and below is a list of the complete deck once finished.


Spades / Stark

King- Ned Stark

Queen- Catlyn Stark

Jack- John Snow
Diamonds / Lannister

King- Jamie Lannister

Queen- Cersi Lannister

Jack- Tyrion Lannister


Clubs / Targaryen

King – (undecided)

Queen- Daenerys Targaryen

Jack- Jorah Mormont


Hearts / Baratheon

King- Stannis Baratheon

Queen- Melisandre

Jack- Davos Seaworth


1- Vaerys

2- Littlefinger

The aces will be ornate representations of the house sigils and words, there might be a bit of tweaking, but thats the general idea.