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Gamers Holiday Buying Guide

Gamers Holiday Buying Guide


The holidays are here which means colder weather, fruitcake and of course presents. But when you are shopping for a gamer it can be a very daunting task. What are some of the things that gamers want this Christmas? Here are a few ideas for every gamer on your list.

PC Hardware

1) Steel Series Keyboard and Mouse : There are many gaming products out there but none are better than the Apex keyboard and the Sensei mouse. Not only are these products made for gamers but they are also built tough which should be great for those gamers that love to rage in deathmatches.
2) Razer E-Panda Hooligan Headphones: Want to get the gamer on your list better sounds than a Beats headset but at half the price? Get them these Pandawill headphones as they have been endorsed by Eric Hernandez.
3) EVGA GeForce 770: Games are requiring better graphics and it doesn’t get any better than the EVGA GeForce 770. If you act quick you might be able to get the holiday bundle that includes three games (Batman Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell Black List, and Assassin’s Creed IV!)

PC Software

1) Minecraft: If you have a gamer that loves to create and has built dioramas out of Lego then this is the present for them. You can create the world you want to as thousands of people who play this game.
2) Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition: Borderlands 2 has to be the definitive action FPS RPG out there to date. And with this pack there are at least 40+ hours of gameplay with all the additional content.
3) The Secret World: Have a gamer that loves to play MMO’s but does not want to pay a monthly fee? Get them this game as you only pay once for the game and can play as long as you want.

Xbox 360

1) Grand Theft Auto V: This game has gotten very high marks as this has to be one of the best GTA games to date. With an epic single player campaign with three characters to choose from this should be on everybody’s list.
2) Assassin’s Creed IV: Take the greatest franchise that Ubisoft has made and mix it with pirates and you have an epic game. Sail the high seas, encounter some famous pirates and engage in breathtaking naval battles.
3) Battlefield 4: If you have a gamer that loves modern military shooters then this is a game to get them. With an engaging single player campaign and outstanding online matches this is the game to get for FPS fans.

Playstation 3

1) Gran Turismo 6: Releasing around the holidays this realistic driving simulator on the market. With many iconic cars , tracks from around the world and some stellar graphics this is the game to get your playstation fan.
2) The Last of Us: One of the best games this year and an exclusive for this console. Navigate through a post-apocalyptic universe as you escort a little girl from the east coast towards the west.
3) Bioshock Infinite: Taking place in the skies above America in the city of Columbia you are charged in rescuing a young girl. This has to be one of the better games to date and there are some great DLC coming out for it.

Nintendo 3DS

1) Pokemon X & Y: What makes this game stand out from the other 3DS games is that there are tons of pokemon crammed into this game. From new pokemon, old favorites and a large area to explore as well as internet play!
2) Animal Crossing New Leaf: For fans of the original games you will want to get your gamer this game. With tons of things to do , various characters to interact with and a house to decorate this is one of the better games for this holiday season.
3) Zelda – A Link Between Worlds : This has to be one of the more unique Zelda games as you can use powers to make your way through the various environments.


1) Xbox One: With the ability to control the Xbox via voice, an improved Kinect and some excellent day one release titles many gamers have this at the top of their list. Make sure to pair it with one of the exclusives for a very happy gamer this Christmas.
2) Playstation 4: Granted this console is not as expensive as the previous console but it is faster and has better specs. Pair it with one of the releases or Killzone Shadowfall and you will have a happy Sony gamer this season.
3) Nintendo 2DS: For the gamer on the go this is one of the best consoles to get them. With the ability to play all the 3DS games and a better battery life and a low price this would be the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Xbox One

1) Dead Rising 3: With a map that could fit the first two games in it, the ability to craft not only weapons but vehicles on the fly and some intense gameplay this is the game to get whether you’re buying the console for someone this season or they already have it.
2) Forza V: For the racing fan this should be on your list to get them. With tons of great cars, at least a dozen tracks and the drivatar (a driver that will race for you even when you’re offline) this is for all the gearheads this holiday.
3) Ryse son of rome: If you have fans on your list that love action games like God of War then this is the game to get. With huge battles, a wonderful story and next gen graphics this is for all the action fans on your list.

Playstation 4

1) Killzone Shadowfall : The best playstation exclusive set in the Killzone universe you are charged to maintain the fragile peace on a faraway world. Add in some intense multiplayer action and you have a great game.
2) NFL 25: For the fans that love to huddle around the TV every Sunday this is the game to get them. With not only excellent gameplay but some stunning visuals that are just unreal this is the game to get.
3) Call of Duty Ghosts : For the FPS fan in your life you need to pick up the latest call of duty ghosts. With an engaging single player campaign and a wonderful multiplayer options (including squads where they battle online even when you’re offline.) This is one of the better games to get your gamer this Christmas.

Computers / Tablets

1) Razer Blade Pro: Razer has created a really excellent gaming laptop that is not only cutting edge but has a very unique feature that no one else has. To the right of the keyboard there is a touch screen that you can place various hotkeys to control your character in the game.
2) Nvidia Shield: This is a very unique device which allows you not only to play android based games but you can also stream games from your computer. You heard me right you can play games anywhere in your house on this little handheld!
3) Kindle Fire HDX: A cheaper alternative against the Ipad this tablet not only does all the things a normal one does but this does gaming as well! You would be able to play some android games without any problems on this tablet.


1) Star Trek: This is a bad present because it is glitchy, has bad game play and looks as if it should have never been released. The gamer would dread getting this in their stocking as no one wants to play this pile of crap.
2) X Rebirth: Imagine paying $60 for a game and then imagine that the game is completely broken. That is the case with the latest version of the X series as patches are being released that not only fix nothing but break other things.
3) Infestation: Survivor Stories: Imagine paying for a groundbreaking MMO where you have to survive a zombie apocalypse. Then imagine you wasted your money on a pile of crap with dated graphics and players who are just rude assholes. Avoid at all costs!