Grimm Episode 2.17 “One Angry Fuchsbau”: Old friends make a welcome reappearance

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grimm one angry fuchsbau

Grimm Episode 2.17 “One Angry Fuchsbau”

Written by: Richard Hatem

Directed by: Terence O’Hara

Airs Friday 9.00pm EST on NBC

Anyone else keep confusing their Coyotls with their Hundjägers or their Lausenschlange with their Skalengeck?

As the cast of Wesens has grown and grown, it’s become difficult to keep them all separate, so it was like meeting old friends to have a familar Löwen, Mauzhertz and Ziegevolk all on screen (or almost) at the same time. These are all Wesens we’ve met before and without the need for introductions, this time the Wesen characteristics could really start to play off each other. The storyline was also recognisable from a well known human version of the courtroom drama (hence the title) except this time the question was not ‘is he innocent or guilty?’ it was ‘will he get away with it?’

No is the answer, not with Team Grimm on the case. This episode took the familar trope of jury tampering and gave it the usual Grimm twist. The first Ziegevolk we came across liked to lock women up in cages and was played with slimy relish by Patrick Fischler. This time we got a silver tongued lawyer – Brian T Finney doing a pretty good job of channelling Kelsey Grammar – who uses his pheromones to bewitch juries and thereby attempt to get his evil Löwen client off scott free. As ever Grimm pushes the envelope of the credible and cliched: (the Löwen in question inhabits a mansion which looks like it was once William Randolph Hearst’s Portland retreat and employs an army of uniformed staff) but gets away with it by giving us the spectacle of a man in a sober suit swallowing a large yellow toad.

grimm one angry fuchsbau

Meanwhile, Juliette’s return to normality is taking a little longer to play out than expected, but our patience is extended by having her involve both Monroe and Pilar (from Season One’s La Llorona) in helping her inch towards a full memory reboot. Independently of Nick, Juliette is becoming embedded in the Wesen world, which means that when the revelation finally comes, she will have more to lose than to gain by running screaming in the direction of the nearest Greyhound Bus stop. Our patience with Juliette is also extended by Bitsie Tulloch, who plays plaintive better than any other actress on the planet, having exactly the right eyebrows for that expression. When multiple Nick’s appear in her bedroom and start demanding shaving foam/the location of a clean t-shirt/a kiss, the women in the audience completely sympathise with Juliette’s expression of horror. It’s like all your worst marriage moments played back, simultaneously.

grimm one angry fuchsbau

But if Juliette is having it tough, Adelind Schade has even more to worry about. Renard’s brother Eric might have an accent which suggests James Frain still needs to decide which country he is from, but that doesn’t mean he’s a soft touch. Whatever Adelind is planning, Eric’s suspicious reaction to her ‘glow’ suggests she’s going to have to be very careful when she asks him for child support. And as for Renard, he’s still out in the cold: with his family, with Nick and Hank and now with Juliette. How plaintive. Perhaps Bitsie Tulloch should lend him her eyebrows.

Questions for next time: Will the Löwen eat the Ziegevolk before he can spill the beans about Team Grimm? Why was the opportunity squandered to let Hank flirt with the DA? What did Nick cook that smelled so good?

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