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Happy Endings, Ep. 3.06, “To Serb with Love”: “Seriously! You’re the rozziest!”

Happy Endings, Ep. 3.06, “To Serb with Love”: “Seriously! You’re the rozziest!”

Happy Endings, Season 3, Episode 6: “To Serb with Love”
Written by Jonathan Groff & Brian Gallivan
Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.
Airs Tuesdays at 9pm (ET) on ABC

First off, let’s talk about Alex and Dave’s corn typewriter. Good for Brad on guessing it and props to Dave for letting Alex cut loose. “The original foursome is back together! ROLL CALL!” Sadly for Max, he is excluded in Jane, Brad, Alex, and Dave’s foursome. He totally gets fifth wheeled, eventually getting shoved off the bench when Penny shows up with her new man, Pete, and informed by the group what character from popular television shows he would be. We need to pause and give props to the writers, again, for continuing a story arc from a previous episode. After the initial opening, the group of six split into their respective storylines, the “original foursome” together with Penny and Max popping up occasionally (eventually getting their own arc together, towards the end).

The “original foursome” story arc revolves around Jane and Alex’s party for their parents. We actually get to meet them finally after three seasons, which is a real treat, getting to see why Alex and Jane are the way they are. Christopher McDonald and Julie Hagerty play their roles very well. The way that Hagerty approaches their mother is absolutely priceless. Weird and lovable, just like our Alex. The storyline between the four of them at the party flows pretty well and provides some laughs, especially when Jane (who has been trying to get her father to laugh all night) ends up hitting herself in the head with a giant hammer. Definitely something to rewind and watch again, and then maybe again after that.

The Penny/Max storyline, like the other one, provides some laughs, but seems a little weaker. It mostly deals with Max coming to grips with Penny actually being in a serious relationship. A relationship that she isn’t about to destroy, and then she does. Max is happy. Penny is sad. Max comes in and saves the relationship, *cue happy awes*. It’s nice for the writers to keep a storyline from a previous episode going. However, like mentioned earlier, it only provides a few laughs.

After a tremendous A+ episode last week, with almost everyone on their game and a fight for the MVP, this week seems a little weaker. After much deliberation though, it seems that the award should be shared between Eliza Coupe and Elisha Cuthbert. Their scenes interacting with their parents are just priceless, from Jane hitting herself with a giant hammer to Alex and her mom practicing the art of buffet skills. It is just pure comedic gold.

All in all the episode does have its good moments, but it also has its not so good moments, which even a gem like Happy Endings is entitled to. There are still some memorable quotes too and hopefully the Christmas episode next week will rival the one from the second season. Until then, might I suggest going to practice your seductive buffet skills and NOT hitting yourself with a giant hammer.

Joshua Bouye