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Happy New Year! Thank you for your support

Happy New Year! Thank you for your support


It has been yet another incredible year for cinema, television, comic books and video games, making it all the more enjoyable to run a publication like Sound On Sight. I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of the Sound On Sight contributors world-wide, as well as anyone else who has supported our website over the past 365 days. 2013 was another extraordinary year for Sound On Sight; Our comic book section, which was launched in early January has grown tremendously over the past twelve months, and recently we launched our Games section which we hope will grow just as fast. Our film section has been stronger than ever and our TV section has expanded to covering over 50 plus shows year round. Without the help of every writer, Sound On Sight would be but another blog floating undiscovered in cyberspace. More importantly, I’d like to thank our readers, and the listeners. Our team works really hard, but without an audience, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble. I wish you and your loved ones a happy new year, and hope to have your support once again in 2014. Each and every year Sound On Sight expands; 2013 was another fantastic year for us, and we have big plans for 2014. Here’s to the future, our readers, our listeners and the hard working crew who makes it all worth the time and effort.

R I C K Y to the D.