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Adventure Time! #15 is Mathematical!

Adventure Time! #15 is Mathematical!

Adventure Time 15

Adventure Time! #15
Writer: Ryan North
Art: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb
Letters: Steve Wands
Supplement: Jeremy Sorese
Covers: Mike Holmes, Emily Warren, Nijhi Chanani, Spike Trautman
Publisher: Kaboom!

If you’re one of the few people out there who haven’t seen Pendleton Ward’s ground-breaking animated spectacle entitled Adventure Time!, then brother, you are crazy town banana pants. The ground-breaking tale of a teenaged boy and his magical dog is just wrapping up another season of irreverent wit and wonder. Don’t be sad though, because thanks to Kaboom! Comics, fans can keep the dream alive all through the summer break with the Adventure Time! Comic series.

Adventure Time! #15 is the perfect jumping on point for those looking to add a little schmowzow to their grab bag. This is a stand-alone story that requires nothing more than an open heart and a sense of Adventure. When Magic-Man crashes Princess Bubble-gum’s tea party, Finn and Jake rush in thwart Magic-Man’s ironic spells. Unfortunately leaping into action gets the boys caught in a spell that renders them speechless. Now it’s up to the princesses to get Finn and Jake their voices back!

adventuretime15capreview-4Fans that just can’t get enough of Adventure Time! should be reading this book. This issue was just as clever as any episode and then some. Ryan North has more than met the challenge with making this adaptation original enough to stand on its own merits. When Finn and Jake lose their voices, North makes clever use of pictograms in replace of letters, a feat that could never work in any other medium. Trying to decipher what Finn and Jake are attempting to communicate made this book incredibly fun. The downside however is the heavy scripting that comes before hand. It’s enough to make you feel bad for the art department, since the majority of their work is covered up. Luckily North’s strong grasp on the characters add a bit of personality to the dialogue. You can almost hear LSP lumping in your ear.

The art is fantastic and it’s like watching an episode frame by frame. The characters look great and each panel is bursting with colours. While the designs may be simplistic themselves, such is the style of the show, the facial expressions and bodily movements of the characters within this restrained style elevate the humour for the reader.

On top of the main story, those who pick up Adventure Time! #15 will be treated to not only some of the most radical variant covers, but a special supplemental story as well. Give us Back BMO written and drawn by Jeremy Sorese is done in a style unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Adventure Time!, and that’s a good thing. While the story is straight forward, Sorese’s style makes the story pop. Imagine Adventure Time! drawn by Art Speigelman and you may get some idea.

Adventure Time! #15 is a delightful read for any fan of the series. Though a bit on the wordy side, the book still manages to perfectly replicate the fun and fancy of the show, while still utilizing the strengths of the comic medium. So yeah, it’s pretty math dude.