In honor of SOS turning three, and the holidays, we made you a present

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Dear SOS reader/listenership:

With Christmas approaching, and with Sound on Sight turning three years old (and yes, I know Iceage are pictured above holding four candles – deal with it), I thought it appropriate to create a “present” of sorts to thank everyone for their support, attention, and feedback. Earlier this year, partially thanks to my involvement with SOS (and the associated time commitments), I decided I had to step down from my volunteer position at CJLO 1690AM here in Montreal, where I had been maintaining a weekly music show for several years – but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped keeping tabs on what I consider to be the best music of the year. So, in order to keep one foot in the music world, I started keeping a longlist of my favorite new tracks, with the ultimate goal of making a kickass year-end mix for you all.

Which I’ve now done! I’ve also integrated snippets from some of the most notable movies of the year, most of which segue into appropriately-themed tracks. (I’ll let you figure out the logic behind some of these sequencing choices.) The intent was to create a sort of “soundtrack” for 2011 as a whole. I’ve attempted to be eclectic, but natural biases have arisen (hence lots of UK acts, for instance, and at least one fairly crass hip-hop track). Many of the tracks have been edited, either for length or transition purposes – some sloppily! – in order to cram in as much goodness as possible within a CD-friendly (archaic, I know) 80-minute time limit. Below is the link to download the .rar of the mix – you might need to nab WinRAR (for Windows) or UnRarX (for OS X) to unpack it.

Download here!

Thanks again everyone, and happy holidays.

2011, the OST:

1. Bellflower (Harmony – “Grand Designs”)
2. David Lynch – “So Glad”
3. The Kills – “Satellite”
4. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – “Deep”
5. The Go! Team – “Bust-Out Brigade”
6. Melancholia (Timber Timbre – “Obelisk”)
7. Other Lives – “Landforms”
8. Austra – “The Future”
9. Parts & Labor – “Echo Chamber”
10. Drive
11. EMA – “California”
12. Shlohmo – “Anywhere But Here”
13. Alexander – “Truth”
14. The Interrupters (Codes in the Clouds – “We Were Alive, Together”)
15. Death Grips – “Klink”
16. Toro y Moi – “Still Sound”
17. The Rosebuds – “Come Visit Me”
18. Death & Vanilla – “Ghost in the Machine”
19. Bridesmaids (Madlib – “Riot Call”)
20. Metronomy – “Everything Goes My Way”
21. Junior Boys – “The Reservoir”
22. The Woman (Rene Hell – “Lighthouse Marvel”)
23. Iceage – “Broken Bone”
24. Danny Brown – “Pac Blood”
25. Lana del Rey – “Video Games”
26. I Break Horses – “Cancer”
27. Attack the Block (Clams Casino – “Illest Alive”)
28. PJ Harvey – “The Words That Maketh Murder”
29. The Roots – “Tip The Scale”
30. The Tree of Life (Marisa Anderson – “First Light”)
31. M83 – “My Tears Are Becoming a Sea”
32. The Descendants (Kronos Quartet with Kimmo Pohjonen and Samuli Kosminen – “V Kamala”)
33. Wild Beasts – “Albatross”
34. Sleepingdog – “He Loved to See the World Through His Camera”
35. Beginners (A Winged Victory for the Sullen – “Requiem for the Static King, Pt 1”)
36. When Saints Go Machine – “Add Ends”


  1. Laura says

    Thanks a lot for this awesome playlist! As a long time listener I’d say the quality and diversity of music you choose for each episode is one of the top reasons why I enjoy Sound on Sight so much. Thanks to you I’ve discovered or rediscovered many artists I can’t live without, from The Kills to Austra and everything in between. I hope you will continue to delight our ears with wonderful tunes and great movie discussions for many years to come.

    1. Simon Howell says

      Thanks Laura! I had fun putting it together.

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