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Is Nintendo Doomed?

Is Nintendo Doomed?

In the wake of E3 a title wave of attention has swept the gaming world concerning Sony and Microsoft. Talks of DRM restrictions, “the Xbox180”, actual console specs and more have all but pushed Nintendo out of sight and out of mind. Its easy to see why Nintendo didn’t host a large press conference in competition with Sony and Microsoft considering their big announcements were  a Wind Waker Hd remake, a WIIU Super Smash Bro’s and a new Donkey Kong game. Its hard to stack up any software against dual console launches and expect a good reception, but it still felt like Nintendo came with very little to the table.


With predictable first party reveals and downright laughable 3rd-party line up one has to wonder if Nintendo is doomed? The big N seems to be relying on fans who will tolerate remakes and surviving off being a counter programming system, but Nintendo really needs to realize these are both shrinking demographics. The console wars have changed, its just a fact. The current generation has the PS3 as the media center, the Xbox360 as the online gaming juggernaut and the Wii as the broad, user friendly gaming console. This is why the WiiU feels out of place, its half user friendly gaming console, half gamers box, and half media tool. They don’t seem to know who to market it to or what to do with it frankly. It genuinely feels like the WiiU was made to compete with the current console generation, not the next.


Is it possible that Nintendo is waiting for their competitors to settle into their consoles and then release an even more powerful and supported console? Maybe, but its clear regardless that remakes, spiritual successors and lukewarm new IP’s need to become a thing of the past if Nintendo wants to become a serious contender.