John Ajvide Lindqvist’s ‘Handling the Undead’ Is Heading To The Big Screen

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According to /film there is speculation that Handling the Undead, the second novel from Let the Right One In novelist John Ajvide Lindqvist, will soon be shopped to US studios.

The novel deals another sort of undead. Instead of vampires the book revolves around the unexplained resurrection of thousands of recently deceased people in Stockholm, Sweden. The plot focuses on the reactions of society and the many conflicts that arise between Swedish authorities and the relatives of the undead.

Here’s the synopsis for Handling the Undead.

Stockholm is overtaken by the undead after a period of strange weather, and the uprising has surprising consequences for several people, including David, a comedian whose dead wife comes back to life; self-harming psychic teenagers Flora and Elvy; and journalist Gustav Mahler, whose only hope of saving his daughter and himself from grief lies in exhuming his young grandson and hoping the boy will be reanimated. Lindqvist’s character-driven narrative is at times slow and confusing, but pop culture references keep the story relevant and interesting. This intelligent look into the psychological side of the undead will entice longtime zombie fans eager for a subversive examination of some of the horror genre’s most recognizable monsters.

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