Kickstart this project: ‘The Switch – a Fantastic Transgender Comedy’

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The Switch

Trans* characters are difficult to come by in film and television, often being reduced to broad stereotypes or the butt of jokes when they are represented at all. This means the task of telling the story of trans* characters and portraying them in an honest manner falls to independent voices. One group attempting to do so is Trembling Void Studios; in a project spearheaded by Amy Fox, the studio is working on a show detailing the trials and tribulations of a woman in Vancouver in the immediate aftermath of her coming out as a transsexual. The show’s first season will consist of six episodes, each one a half-hour long, and numerous members of the crew are trans* individuals themselves. Despite the heavy subject matter, however, the show is being positioned as a comedy, and promises to explore some of the more light-hearted issues associated with being a trans* individual. A show of this nature holds a lot of promise, both in helping explore issues and characters that are often ignored, and bringing a unique creative viewpoint and fresh voice to the media landscape. For more details and/or to donate, you can see their Kickstarter page here, as well as the video below.


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