‘Krampus’ finale delivers on a grand scale … just not in time for Christmas.

Krampus #53817564-05
Written by Brian Joines
Illustrated by Dean Kotz
Published by Image Comics

Krampus finale delivers on a grand scale … just not in time for Christmas.

This is it. This is the final chapter in the Krampus comic series. Writer Brian Joines and illustrator Dean Kotz go big from the very first pages of the comic, wasting no time getting right into the action.

Mos Gerilla, the series villain, is harnessing the power of Old Man Winter to put the entire earth under snow and ice. Krampus, an unwitting pawn in Mos Gerilla’s scheme, is beginning to question his reasons for helping the villain. After all, Krampus only wanted to help get revenge on the Santas, not put the whole world in Mos Gerilla’s icy grip. As Doc Holliday and his trusty, singing steed approach the villain’s fortress, Krampus decides that he doesn’t want to play by Mos Gerilla’s rules any longer. Krampus attacks Mos Gerilla and interrupts Old Man Winter’s world-wide blizzard, but his attack quickly turns into a struggle to save his own life as Mos Gerilla’s forces rally against him. Thankfully, Doc Holliday makes an entrance in the nick of time, and saves Krampus’ bacon. As Krampus and Doc faceoff against Mos Gerilla and his minions, the Santas make their entrance, and then the action really ramps up. Honestly, what is described above is only the build-up to the ending of the book, and it only gets crazier after this point!

Joines does a fantastic job at pacing the script to deliver the maximum amount of action from cover to cover whileKrampus05-page1 including some truly funny moments. One of the best one-liners in the book is Krampus telling Mos Gerilla, “I am zee Naughty List,” as he tears the villain’s arm off. Kotz’s art is amazing and works well with the script. Every action-packed panel is immaculately drawn and captures the over-the-top style that Joines’ script demands.

The best thing is, even if you didn’t read the other four books in the series, there is a nice, brief, and humorous breakdown of past events at the very beginning of Krampus #5 that will allow for newcomers to jump right into the finale. Therefore, even if you haven’t read Krampus 1-4, you should still buy Krampus #5. You will be hard-pressed to find a single issue of a comic that is this action-packed and this fun to read anywhere else. Buy this book!

– Merriell Moyer


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