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‘League of Legends’ Player Reportedly Worth $1 Million

‘League of Legends’ Player Reportedly Worth $1 Million


There’s a lot more to playing video games than it being one of your favourite pastimes. In fact, if you’re good enough at a particular title, it may just lead to some serious cash in your bank account. At least, that’s the case for Lee Sang-hyeok, a Korean League of Legends player who is worth quite a bit of money.

According to PCR, the LoL gamer is worth a cool $1 million, as he’s apparently being paid that much to do what he loves most: play the game. This news comes after September reports that Sang-hyeok left his gaming group to pursue other opportunities in the world of professional LoL playing. PCR noted that one company is offering him $490,000 to transfer to their team with a $196,000 annual salary while another would give him a $294,000 for transferring with a $686,000 two-year contract.

Interestingly enough, Sang-hyeok isn’t the only LoL player to make recent headlines for his income as it relates to the game. Chinese player Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong just retired from the online multiplayer arena battle game to make a living in a different way. He’s apparently set to earn over $800,000 a year by hosting and streaming games for ZhanQi TV. He’ll have to stream about 90 hours every month, which is a huge decrease in work for Han-Dong—the 22-year-old said he had played LoL for 20 hours a day at certain points in his training.

For folks who have been playing with real money for years, however, this type of success isn’t really anything new. Not only that, but they have also been part of well-established (and ever-growing) communities for years, too. This is evident at Betfair, an online gaming platform that features a slew of options for potential players such as table games, betting, and even bingo. The last option becomes increasingly appealing when looking at their newcomer promotions, such as receiving £40 with a £10 deposit on their bingo games. While it may be difficult to become a “pro” at bingo—it’s a game of luck after all—there is the chance to win big, as they offer £1 million pots. Also, the site presents other options for amateur players wanting to take it the next level, particularly in poker.

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And then there is the world of Major League Gaming, which got its start in 2002. Since then, they have registered more than 9 million players looking to take their skills to the next level at everything from NBA 2K15 to Mario Kart 7. The payouts for the winners depend on the game and tournament style, as you may expect, and they range from the low hundreds to several thousands.

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