Life Lessons Learned from Movies

lessons learned from casino movies

Of course there are things you can learn from books, things you can learn from research on the internet – but what about things that you can learn from movies? Whatever you want to learn in life – you can be sure that there will be some kind of film based on it! The Hangover for instance – we have all seen that hilarious comedy, right? That perhaps will teach you not to drink too much on your Stag or Hen night!

The Cincinnati Kid

As this movie is based on a group of guys going to Vegas – that brings us to our next life lesson – playing successfully at casinos, or winning when gambling in casino sites. Experts on say that The Cincinnati Kid exemplifies one of the most important lessons a new gambler must learn perfectly . This movie is an absolute classic and the main lesson learned here is – don’t get too over confident as there is always someone better than you! Steve McQueen plays The Kid in this movie and goes head to head against Lancey Howard in a game of Poker and ends up losing to a straight flush by Lancey! Never be too sure of your hand or the odds – they could always turn against you. Of course, as the following infographic shows, this is hardly the only gambling lesson to be learned from casino movies.

lessons learned from casino movies

The Family Man

Another movie that you could definitely learn some lessons from is The Family Man. The starring role here goes to Nicholas Cage and it initially shows his life as a high rolling investment banker – who the gets a glimpse of what his life would be like if he had made a different life decision 13 years ago. It shows him with a wife and kids – and essentially the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t always go where the big bucks are and you really need to evaluate what will make you happy in life. Some lucky people out there might be fortunate enough to have both!

The Bucket List

Another one on our list is Thee Bucket List. We are sure you can guess from the title that you know what this movie will be about. 2 men who are terminally ill with lung cancer happen to meet in hospital. They decide to create a Bucket List which for those of you who don’t know – is a list of things that you want to do before you die. It gets you thinking about how important it is to make sure you live life to the fullest and not to put anything off as life is simply too short. Carpe Diem folks!

Yes Man

The star of the movie here is Jim Carrey – so as you can imagine there are some laughs from the get-go. Again this film features a banker (seems to be a popular occupation in these movies!) – who would never say yes to anything and was always saying no. That was until he ended up attending a motivational seminar that taught him that he had to say yes to everything. Are you one of those people who say no to new experiences or opportunities? It taught us that you need to take a positive attitude towards life and grab everything you can. There is that old cliché – “you don’t regret the things you do do – you regret the things you don’t do”. Although you have maybe heard that saying time and time again – it is definitely true!


The thing is that you don’t need to read loads of books, trawl endless websites in a bid to learn things about life – sometimes you can get inspiration simply from watching some movies. Of course they are written and directed by very talented people and are designed to make you feel certain things. Because of this you can feel uplifted, inspired – and perhaps most importantly – how not to lose your money when playing casino games! If you do want to read more about how may more lessons can be taught by movies – head over to this blog.


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