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The Top Five People We’d Like to See in the Superman/Batman Movie

The Top Five People We’d Like to See in the Superman/Batman Movie

With casting news about Ben Affleck donning the capped crusader’s spandex and rumours of a possible Lex Luthor appearance drifting in cyberspace, it only seems logical to compile a list of the top five people we’d like to see in the upcoming Superman and Batman team-up film slatted for 2015. While it’s highly unlikely that the following casting choices would ever happen, or that all these characters would be appearing alongside each other, it sure is fun to dream.



5. Jon Hamm

When Affleck was cast as Batman a collective groan was heard around the world, predominantly from the Jon Hamm fans who’d rallied to have him cast as Bruce Wayne. While the disappointment cuts deep, there’s no reason to suggest that all hope is lost.

Best known for his role as Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men, Hamm has a certain testosterone meets five o’clock shadow charm, and a kind of attraction that could work equally well for the character of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face). With the likes of Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart having played the coin-flipping psychopath at some point in their careers, there’s no reason that Hamm shouldn’t have a crack at the role.

Plus, we all know Hamm can smooth talk his way around the office while sporting a three piece suit.



4. Christina Hendricks

Best known for her role as Mad Men‘s Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks is our number one choice to play Dr. Lillian Rose, aka Poison Ivy. With gorgeous red hair, curves to make men drool and women envious, Hendricks would be an obvious choice for the role.

While Hendricks has proved that she’s more than capable of playing the role of the brilliant seductress, we’ve no doubt in our minds that she’d be able to pull off Dr. Rose’s meek demeanor prior to becoming a super powered tree hugging bad-ass. Hendricks would make an incredible villain guaranteed to get any superhero’s heart racing.



3. Chloë Grace Moretz

Having successfully demonstrated her ability to, well, kick ass, Chloe Grace Mortez is first choice for the role of Supergirl. With long blond hair, a girl next door look, and established ability with high kicks, why wouldn’t Moretz be first pick for the role?

While Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is often portrayed in her early twenties, some depictions have her as young as 17, meaning that Moretz would make a great match for the character. Having already proven to audiences that she’s more than convincing when taking down men twice her size, thanks to the Kick-Ass films, she’d make a super fit for Supergirl.



2. Logan Lerman

Every great hero needs an equally great sidekick, and the idea of Batman without a Robin is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich minus the peanut butter. Which is why coming in at number two is Logan Lerman for the role of Robin.

Comfortable in action packed roles, having starred in films like The Three Musketeers and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, Lerman has proven to audiences that he’s more than capable of holding his own in a fast-paced flick. With looks akin to the Robin from the comic books of old, and an ever growing fan base, Lerman would be a great fit for the role of the boy wonder.



1. Bryan Cranston

Of all the gossip we’ve heard, this is by far the most exciting. Bryan Cranston is rumoured to have been cast as Lex Luthor for the upcoming film, although no official comment has been made by Warner Brothers confirming this information. However our fingers are crossed and we’re hoping for the best because, frankly, Cranston would make an excellent Luthor.

Originally known for his role at the lovable Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, Cranston has done a complete 180 with his image. Currently starring as the infamous Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad, he’s proved to audiences that he has what it takes to play a blood-thirsty villain hell bent on Superman’s destruction.

Not to mention we know he can rock the bald look while still striking fear into viewers’ hearts.