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Listen to a Preview Track from John Carpenter’s ‘Lost Themes II’

Listen to a Preview Track from John Carpenter’s ‘Lost Themes II’

John Carpenter

Among the best parts of a lot of John Carpenter’s greatest films are his soundtracks. While the legendary director has worked with composers including Ennio Morricone and Alan Howarth, Carpenter often composes the scores for his films himself, and the results are invariably awesome. Carpenter’s music has a wonderful moodiness and distinctly 80s vibe, often heavily electronic. It’s the kind of sound a lot of contemporary musicians are still trying to replicate, given the recent surge of 80s nostalgia. Bands like Kavinsky owe a ton of debt to Carpenter’s work on the musical scene, and his influence will probably continue for longer than any of us realize.

For those of us who’ve already listened to Carpenter’s film scores more times than they can count, the release of Lost Themes last year was like a gift from heaven. Carpenter’s first studio album, Lost Themes felt like a collection of scores for the Carpenter films that never were, and listening to it often led me to imagine what kind of movie they could have fit in. Now, a little over a year later, Lost Themes II is on the horizon, and you can listen to a preview track for the new album, “Distant Dream”, below. Like the tracks from the first album, “Distant Dream” sounds like pure Carpenter magic.

Have a listen for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments. Lost Themes II lands April 15.