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Listen To Two Minutes of Junkie XL’s ‘Deadpool’ Soundtrack

Listen To Two Minutes of Junkie XL’s ‘Deadpool’ Soundtrack

The thing about a movie like Mad Max: Fury Road is that almost every aspect of the production felt so on-point that you could really tell that the whole team, actors, director, stunt crew, editors, camera people, EVERYONE, was totally firing on all cylinders. And Tom Holkenborg, alias Junkie XL, was no exception. Holkenborg’s pounding, screeching, eardrum-exploding score for Fury Road was one of many indispensable parts of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic road opus, and the announcement that Holkenborg would also be providing the score for Deadpool seemed like one of those “well that makes perfect sense” moments.

While I’d understand it if you want to save listening to the soundtrack until after you see the movie (I’m that way), the temptation of hearing two minutes of Junkie XL’s Deadpool score may be too much for some people to resist, and you can give in to that temptation by hitting play on the soundcloud link below.

While the brief clip only gives us the tiniest clue as to what Deadpool will sound like, one thing we know for sure is that Holkenborg thankfully isn’t trying to replicate his thundering Fury Road score. While the heavy drums are still there, the wailing guitars of Fury Road have been replaced by a more electronic feel for Deadpool, and it sounds pretty sweet.