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‘Long Distance’ # 2: Reasonable Romance

‘Long Distance’ # 2: Reasonable Romance

Writer and Artist Thom Zahler
Publisher IDW Publishing

Last time in Long Distance, readers were introduced to Carter and Lee as the couple meet during a snowstorm at an airport. The young couple were head over heels in love with each other, but their problem being they lived 300 miles apart. Carter and Lee began their relationship far part, and Carter undertook a journey to see Lee. The next issue of Long Distance picks with Carter’s and Lee’s date together. Zahler presents the same quality of artwork as issue one. The beauty of monochromatic shades continues without fail. The writing of the comic presents new complexity of issues between the two lovers and developing passion. Zahler delivers a lovely follow up to Long Distance #1.

The comic’s plot follows Lee and Carter on their date about town. The young couple goes on a romantic outing to a museum, gets coffee, stays up late, and generally goes out on the town. Lee and Carter share cute banter about various subjects, including their personal interests, and flirt. Then date comes down to an end once Carter returns home to his business. Here, the couple start planning their second date, while they report back to their close friends and relatives about their affair. But it is not all just sweet new love between the two, Carter must balance his business duties and spending time with Lee.

Zahler’s writing continues well to build on the characters of Lee and Carter. During their date together, the reader learns more about the chemistry between the two. Such as when Carter proves to be a gentlemen by saying he does not want to spend the night with Lee. Lee, being a kind of woman with respect, and understanding happily takes this answer. The interaction between the two characters, although simple, shows the two are interested in each other beyond lust. It is a blossoming of a relationship built on communication and acceptance. Zahler goes on to strengthen the characters of Lee and Carter through their actions apart as well with their interactions with others and their world. For example, Lee comes back to her home and speak with her grandmother.  Lee shows her care for her grandmother by stopping to get her medication before coming home.

Thom Zahler’s Long Distance #2 delivers a delightful story about a romance between the couple. His artwork continues with the same strength as his last issue. The comic will leave the reader hoping for the best for Lee and Carter.