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‘Love & Peace’ demands to be seen

‘Love & Peace’ demands to be seen


Directed by Sion Sono
Screenplay by Sion Sono
2015, Japan

With the possible exception of DEATHGASM (a film with a title that demands to be written in all caps), no film making the rounds at Toronto After Dark is receiving as much buzz as Love & Peace. 2015 continues to be another prolific year for Love & Peace’s director, Sion Sono he has a second film, Tag, playing back to back with Love & Peace at Toronto After Dark. While Tag has all the makings of another solid Sono film, it’s also stuck playing the role of the red-headed stepchild to the much hyped Love & Peace.

Love & Peace spent the past several months tearing through the festival circuit and bulldozing its way to the top of every genre lovers best movies of the year list. Popoptiq’s editor’s reviews couldn’t agree more.

Love & Peace is the type of exhilarating cinematic experience that keeps you coming back to the theater. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and yet it resonates with the familiar themes that sustain our humanity.

– J.R. Kinnard

Sion Sono takes the risk of getting lost in his style of exercise but pulls it off. The result is a wonderfully entertaining and affecting patchwork of ideas, incidents, influences and genres. A must see!

-Ricky D


If J.R. and Ricky D’s reviews (they can be found here and here respectively) aren’t enough persuasion to go and see the film, you can also check out the Sordid Cinema Podcast, episode 505 (found here), where the three of us dedicate a large portion of the episode to sharing our thoughts on the film.