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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ GoKart Paintball Video Might be the Best Fan Video of 2015

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ GoKart Paintball Video Might be the Best Fan Video of 2015


Even if you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road, you know it’s a great movie when hundreds of amazing videos pop up online paying tribute to the film only months after it is released. The film, which cost about 140 million to make, is primarily a long chase shot mostly in-camera by a crew of a 1000 with 18 wheelers, hot rods, muscle cars and monster trucks battling in the desert. These include cars that look like overgrown porcupines on wheels, cars with 25-foot poles that catapult the war boys from one vehicle to the next, and even a War Rig: a big tanker truck covered in spikes. The cars are just one of the many amazing things you’ll see in Fury Road, but what if they were shrunk down in size? Would the action be as exhilarating?

YouTube user Devin Super Tramp answers these questions and pays homage to Mad Max: Fury Road in this amazing video embedded below. Faithful to the DNA of the Mad Max franchise, the short is basically an extended no-holds-barred chase using paintball guns and go-karts. The three-minute short was shot in gorgeous 4K and uses vehicles that are smaller and slower than those in the original film but yet the action is just as intense as George Miller’s masterpiece. There have been a heap of fan videos released already this year, but this is by far the best I’ve seen, and I doubt anyone will do better. Enjoy!