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Marvel finds a writer/director for new Spider-Man film

Marvel finds a writer/director for new Spider-Man film

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It didn’t take long after the giant news that Marvel would be getting Spider-Man back (partially) for the company to find someone to take over the first installment in the new look superhero.

Latino Review reported on Monday that the studio is working on closing up Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) to direct and write the film. Goddard was previously set to run Marvel’s Daredevil television series, but left to focus on directing a Spider-Man spin-off, Sinister Six, with Sony.

It seems like he will still be working within the universe as the site says that he will be taking over the first standalone film, rumored to be called The Spectacular Spider-Man. The article adds that it is believed that Marvel is looking for an unknown to take on the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man with the hope that they can have a high school age kid playing the role for multiple movies at a similar age.

They added that the new movie will take cues from Goddard’s work on Sinister Six for Sony with a lot of the plot carrying over into this new film. The film will revolve around Spider-Man (with no origin story) living his life as a superhero with the threat of the Sinister Six looming over him. There is also a rumor that Iron Man will fight Spidey in an attempt to “audition” the hero for The Avengers.

Latino Review did not mention whether or not Spider-Man would find his way into an upcoming Marvel movie, but that could be information that is saved for the big announcement coming up.

They did add that the previous spin-offs that were being talked about have been scrapped and it looks like Marvel is going to establish their own canon with the hero.