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‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’: Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny refuses to die!

‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’: Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny refuses to die!


South Park: The Stick of Truth
Obsidian Entertainment/South Park Digital Studios
PS3, Xbox 360

For fans of the show, South Park: Stick of Truth is a faithful representation of the series. From the art style to the driving force behind characters actions, everything about this game oozes South Park.  Though there are many engaging and entertaining battles, there is but one that will keep players struggling to stay in their seats-the final battle for control of the universe with Princess Kenny.

After defeating Nazi Zombie Chef and releasing him from Clyde’s evil grip via a magical fiery fart, the New Kid is promoted to King Douchebag. The noble quest to defeat the armies of darkness and retrieve the Stick of Truth seems to be at an end. But then, what’s this? Betrayal from within the ranks! Princess Kenny sides with the Big Bad Government Guy in order to avenge her people.

Princess Kenny is a half-orc. Her mother was an elven queen and her father an orc named Dandar-the first one to possess the Stick of Truth. Princess Kenny is the one true heir to the Stick of Truth. However, her birthright was stolen when humans and elves wiped out her entire village. She plotted for years, and waited for the right moment to strike. Which, unfortunately for players, happens to be right now. Poor New Kid. All he wanted to do was make some friends. Yet here he is in the middle of a high stakes game for control of the universe.

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sot boss battle

Although you fought as comrades, Princess Kenny shows you no remorse. Mercilessly, she flings deadly rainbows, summons a stampeding unicorn, and commands a small army of rats. Defeating Princess Kenny isn’t too tricky, but then Princess Kenny does something truly unspeakable, she drinks the green sauce from Taco Bell (the goo from the alien space ship) becoming Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny.

Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny has several tricks up her puffy sleeves, and you will need your buddies to help take her down.

At some point in the heat of battle, the Big Bad Government Guy will tell Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny to summon Death. Chances are, Butters is on your team (because he is the BEST person to team up with) so he’ll be the first to help you face off against Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny. Your pal Butters becomes Professor Chaos and blasts Death away. Death after all, is a servant of Chaos. Once Death is dispensed with, victory is yours! Or is it?


Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny rises from the grave over and over again. Each death requires a new buddy to step in. Kyle will prevent Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny from drinking any more of her green goo by punting Ike. Jimmy leads away her army of Nazi rats. Stan decapitates the Nazi Zombie Unicorn. Finally, Cartman steps into combat at the last possible second to pin Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny–so that you can fart on his balls, end the battle once and for all, and reverse the Nazi Zombie curse.

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Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny isn’t exactly the most difficult boss battle you will ever encounter, but it will definitely be one of the most enjoyable final battles you ever engage in. Watching each character rally around you, then tap out creates memorable moments as you struggle to button mash through tears of laughter.

The core purpose behind Stick of Truth is to make friends with as many people as possible, and learn how to rely on your closest buds because (trust me) you can’t beat Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny on your own.