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Masks: More than traditional

Masks: More than traditional


Masks 2 is produced by Dynamite Entertainment, and features the writing talent of Cullen Bunn and the artistic skill of Eman Casallos. The new series is the follow-up to the incredibly popular Masks series, which featured an unprecedented combination of pulp heroes from the days of pulp. The first series combined the expert artistic skills of Alex Ross with Dynamite’s go-to pulp writer Chris Roberson. That means that Masks 2 has a huge legacy to live up to.

Cullen Bunn, charged with reuniting the dream team of pulp heroes, wastes no time throwing the reader into the action, as the Shadow, Green Hornet, and Kato unite to stop a group of skull-masked smugglers. There appears to be some contention over The Shadow’s methods, and Bunn includes an interesting moral argument between the three characters. What’s most interesting, however, is Casallos’s artwork. With the arrival of the Green Lama, Casallo shows us a glimpse of what the future has in store for these character. Over a full page, the reader can see some of their favorite heroes, teamed up together, notably the classic Green Hornet and Kato, teamed with Kevin Smith’s modern versions.

It seems from this, that Bunn’s story is prepared to take readers across time, as the Masks ready themselves to fight an evil they have never before seen. With such a heavy mantle to uphold, Bunn and Casallos have put together a very exciting issue. Masks 2 certainly holds up the tradition of bringing together heroes like never before.