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More on American Reunion

I feel like I just keep finding out more and more about this movie. Since the rumors began a few years ago about making another American Pie (one with the original cast, not one of those straight to DVD spin-offs) I’ve been flip-flopping on how I feel about it. Now that they’ve begun releasing tons of details about what the movies going to be about I think I’ve decided to be happy about it. Here’s what we know so far (via What’s Playing), Don’t Read if you’re SPOILER sensitive:

– The whole gang are returning to East Great Falls for their ten-year Highschool reunion (made possible thanks to Facebook). They’ll come near and far to remember the good times – only to be faced with the frightening realization that they’re no longer young teenagers.

– Oz has hit the big time as a contestant on a Dancing with the Stars-type show. He also lives in a pricey Malibu mansion. He returns home a big-shot.

– Stifler isn’t doing well – he’s working as a temp for a rude boss that refers to him as ‘his bitch’. He’s also not having a lot of luck with the ladies. Still, he’s excited to get back home and do some partying.

– Jim’s next-door neighbor Kara, now all grown-up (!), develops a crush on the married man. Can Jim resist her? Can he keep his marriage to Michelle in one piece?

– Upon returning home Stifler scores with Laurie, a former hotttie now 80 pounds heavier. Thoughtful as ever, Stifler lets her know he’ll be turning the lights off for their lovemaking session.

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– Jim is a YouTube sensation these days – everyone knows his little performance piece from the ’90s with Nadia!

– Oz’s girlfriend Mia – seemingly with him for his money only – decides to join him at the reunion. Meanwhile, Oz’s ex-Heather brings with her to town her new boyfriend, a forty-something surgeon, who tries to act younger.

– Stifler is supposed to be working on the weekend of the reunion and attempts to keep up the ruse that he still is.

– Trisha use to go to bandcamp with Michelle. She’s now a smokin’ hotie bartender – one whom ‘international traveler’ Finch will score with (Though Stifler’s Mom will also make a reappearance).

So, first thoughts on all this info is that it’s exactly what I would expect. Second thought was that the whole thing about Stifler pretending to be at work while actually on vacation was one of my favourite plot lines in Europtrip, sooo… ya.

More recently Alyson Hannigan talked with Entertainemnt Weekly about the movie. Here’s a exerpt:

Michelle and Jason Biggs’ character Jim got married in the last big screen American Piemovie. What can you tell us about the plot of this one?
We’ll, we’re still married, and we have a child. So we’re navigating the waters of parenthood and how that changes the dynamics of a relationship. But also they’re going back to their high school reunion and so there’s some nostalgia there of, “Aw, remember what we were like when we first met?” That kind of stuff. It’s really nice. I really love that relationship and they’ve stayed true to it. The great thing about this franchise is that, of course, there’s the raunchy humor but here’s also a lot of heart to it. And this fourth movie does not miss the boat on that at all.

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Check out the whole interview here.