Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 31: ‘Mary Poppins’

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Just as we kicked off 2012 with the first-ever full-length animated film on Mousterpiece Cinema, is there any better way to kick off the month of February with what’s possibly the most quintessential film from Walt Disney Pictures? Of course not, so with Michael Ryan taking the week off, Josh and co-host Gabe Bucsko dive straight into the movie that introduced us all to Julie Andrews: 1964’s Mary Poppins. With a slew of classic songs, a mix of live action and animation, and plenty of laughs (some unintentionally inspired by a certain performer’s accent), did Gabe and Josh need a spoonful of sugar to sit through this movie? Do they think it’s practically perfect in every way? Are there other movie-related puns in the episode itself? Only one way to find out: check out the latest Mousterpiece Cinema!



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  1. Waldemar Lopes says

    I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts on this wonderful movie that we love watching again and again – “Mary Poppins”. To me, it is practically perfect in every way and the wonderful Julie Andrews is absolutely perfect and a joy to watch. Her brilliant performance and glorious voice – and why not, her beauty – wins our hearts instantly. I would definitely call MP a classic, no matter what definition a dictionary might have of that word. And you were practically perfect too, pointing out that it is really the quintesssential Disney movie and that it was the best and the most delightful way that cinema found to introduce us to Julie Andrews, who became a beloved icon and a family name. Bottom line: I did have a supercalifragilistic time reading your text and listening to you, guys!

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