Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 46: ‘Fantasia 2000’

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Though it took sixty years for Disney to make a follow-up to the 1940 classic Fantasia, it’s only taken Josh, Gabe, and Michael a month to discuss it on the podcast. This week, your three intrepid hosts join forces for the first time without guests to take a look at Fantasia 2000. What are their favorite segments? What are their least favorite segments? What do they think of the celebrity emcees? And how big of an axe does Gabe have to grind against the diva herself, Bette Midler? Check it all out with your very own Three Caballeros this week on Mousterpiece Cinema!


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  1. Josh Spiegel says

    It would’ve been a perfect idea, right? Keeping it consistent–and with someone who’s so well-liked by almost everyone in the world–would’ve made the movie better. Anyway, thanks for listening!

  2. Jem says

    Oh my God, your comment about having Tom Hanks as the host was EXACTLY what I think when I watch the Fantasia movies. I’m not too big of a fan of the celebrity hosts in Fantasia 2000, and while I was watching the original Fantasia, I couldn’t stop thinking about how Deems Taylor reminds me so much of Tom Hanks (particularly in voice), so I thought: ‘Oh my God, they should have just gotten Tom Hanks for 2000…’
    Glad to know someone else suggested that idea :)

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