Ridley Scott Going Back To His Sci-Fi Roots

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David Webb Peoples famous for penning such screenplays as, Blade Runner, Twelve Monkeys, Unforgiven and Ladyhawke has been reported to be adapting Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War novel for Ridley Scott.

The science fiction novel tells the contemplative story of soldiers fighting an interstellar war between humanity and the enigmatic Tauran species. The pithy, insightful explorations of the inhumanity of war and of bureaucracy, and of the psychological effects resulting from time dilation space travel (a soldier returns home after centuries away). The novel won the Nebula Award in 1975, and the Hugo and the Locus awards in 1976.

Comic book readers should be familiar with the graphic novel adaptation. Belgian comic writer Marvano created the graphic novel trilogy a while back with some very minor changes and omissions to storyline and setting.

Ridley Scott has been waiting 25 year for the rights to become available and is now finally returning to the genre that made him famous. Scott has confirmed that the film would be in 3D, citing James Cameron’s Avatar as an inspiration for doing so. “I’m filming a book by Joe Haldeman called Forever War. I’ve got a good writer doing it. I’ve seen some of James Cameron’s work, and I’ve got to go 3D. It’s going to be phenomenal.”

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