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Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 61: ‘The Aristocats’

Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 61: ‘The Aristocats’

Who’s your favorite member of the A-Team? Don’t look so shocked! You may well be surprised how the answer to that question connects to this week’s discussion of the 1970 Disney animated feature The Aristocats. Josh, Gabe, and Mike dig deep into the film, analyzing its music, its story, and its characters, including the raffish Thomas O’Malley and fancy Duchess. Does everybody truly want to be a cat? Or is Josh’s love for cats in the real world not enough to translate into cats in the world of fiction? And, most important of all, what comment from Josh sends Gabe over the edge so that he finally calls Josh a “meanie”? You’ll have to listen to the new Mousterpiece Cinema to find out!


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