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October Horror Wrap Up

October Horror Wrap Up

During the month of October, I kept myself extremely busy watching as many horror films as possible (a total of 76) – and writing up some “best of” lists for the genre. Some of the SOS contributors also helped out including Shayne Ramirez and Robert Simpson. Apart from that, Justine Smith, James Merolla and I all took part in a contest to see who could watch the most horror films in a span of five weeks (guess who won!). There was a lot of work put into it, so I decided to quickly wrap up what I call “October Horror”. Next year we will continue this new tradition but for now, here are links to some of the articles we posted last month.

28  Best Horror Comedies

Eleven Emotionally Horrific Art Films

62 Greatest Horror Films Ever Made

26 Giallo Films

40 Best Slasher Films

25 Best Horror Films / Thrillers Of 2011 (so far)

13 Best Werewolf Movies

19 Best Horror Films From New Zealand and Australia

34 Best Vampire Films

7 Best From The Found Footage Genre

Fight For Horror Supremacy Contest