21 of the Best Online Comic Book Stores

Comic book retailers struggle with downward sales since 2017. According to BookScan, graphic novel sales fell five percent in 2017 while several popular comics specialty stores have already closed shop — Bonanza Comics in Modesto, Calif; Zanadu Comics in Seattle; and Villainous Lair in San Diego, Calif.

Many comic book store owners lament declining foot traffic as customers shift spending online. Even Marvel cashed in on the digital trend with their online subscription service Marvel Unlimited.

Digital, however, doesn’t have the same appeal as print comic books. So if there’s nary a comic store nearby or you just don’t have the time to visit one, you’re in luck ‘cos we’ve listed the best online comic book stores you should look into.

List of Online Comic Book Stores

Display of comic books on a shop.

1. Newkadia: With a massive collection of 750,000 comics, Newkadia is a great place to hunt down back issues. Their pricing structure is unique, while the initial price of the comic is based on its condition, it slowly becomes discounted the longer it remains listed. Along with their regular discounts, you can really nab some incredible bargains. Newkadia is very careful with your precious comics and ships all purchases in a sturdy box with free insurance.

2. Mile High Comics: Don’t be turned off by the very old-fashioned and clunky website. Other stores may have a sleeker design, but none has a bigger selection than Mile High Comics. They have a massive collection of 8,000,000 comics, and at any given time there will be 100,000 listed on the site. It’s very likely you’re going to find just what you’re looking for here. Mile High Comics has new releases as well but their focus is on the extensive collection of back issues.

3. In Stock Trades: For low prices and a decent library, In Stock Trades is well worth checking out for newer releases. They have a ton of different discounts and weekly specials, as well as large Clearance section, so you can very often pay up to 50% off. Browse their selections by Character, Publisher or Writer and don’t miss their decently-sized digital library as well.

4. Midtown Comics: While they have a decent-sized selection of older comics, this store really shines with its selection of new releases, including comics, graphic novels, and associated merchandise. Prices are low across the board, and you can get an even better deal with their weekly sales. Shipping is free for orders over $75 are free, and their packaging is very sturdy.

5. Discount Comic Book Service: Just like it says in the name, this is a fantastic source for building your collection on a smaller budget. Prices are steeply discounted, as much as 30-50% off. The only drawback is that this is not the right place for finding recent releases because they’re not going to be available. The whole business model of DCBS is for customers to pre-order months in advance or to sign up for subscriptions. You can subscribe to get your comics either every week, every other week or monthly. You won’t find lower prices anywhere else so it’s well worth it to check out DCBS if you’re trying to save money.

6. Entertainment Earth: While this site is mainly a source of action figures and other toys, it does have a limited collection of comic books and graphic novels as well. You can sort through them using the Quick Browse drop-down or choose one of several themes for different popular characters.

7. My Comic Shop: Like other big online comic stores, My Comic Shop offers a massive collection of both back issues and new comics. But for rare and higher value items there’s also a very lively auction component to the site, that features hundreds of comics. Here you can find everything from vintage comics to special editions and it’s a great resource for those harder-to-find issues you’ve been wanting to add to your collection. In general, prices at My Comic Shop are quite reasonable. But for the more collectible pieces, all bets are off.

8. Comicspriceguide.com: This website is mainly a resource for gathering information about the value of different comics, but the 700,000 strong community also sells items on the platforms classifieds section. You can buy both older and recent releases directly from other members. You can join for free or purchase a paid membership with more privileges like keeping track of more comic books.

9. ComiXology: This Amazon-owned company is the go-to place for digital comics, with the largest selection on the web. You can choose any comic in their huge library, purchase it once, and then enjoy it on any of your devices, including apps for the iPhone, Ipad, Kindle, and Android, or you can just browse on your laptop. Log in with your username and you can access your own library of comic books! Prices are reasonable and their Sales section is well-stocked with steeply discounted titles added every week.

10. Metropolis Comics: Here you can browse through a wide selection of vintage comics, both for regular sales and auctions. The website is very easy to use and they have many unusual features like interest-free payment plans if you’re itching for a comic that you can’t quite afford. For the adventurous, Metropolis offers their cheekily named “Mystery Boxes of Mystery,” which you can purchase for between $10 and $100. The boxes are a mix of vintage comics but you won’t know which ones are included–hence the mystery.

11. Atomic Avenue: This site is kind of like an eBay that’s just for comic books but without the auction element. You buy the comics directly from collectors and pay the site via Paypal. It has an impressive 36,000 unique titles on offer, mainly of back issues, and each title will list all the sellers at a wide range of prices, based on their condition. You can buy from Near Mint to Fine, and the prices vary quite a bit even within each category. It’s a great option to check out because the selection is so wide you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. And if you want a serious bargain, check out their section of comics that are $1 and below.

12. Lee’s Comics: The online branch of this popular California-based comics shop, which is actually an eBay store, is of a decent size and worth a look, especially if you’re looking for a rarer item. They carry plenty of newer releases too but their main appeal is a large library of back issues from every age. They have a highly impressive 100% feedback score, with almost 25,000 ratings.

13. Things From Another World: This is one of the best places to start if you’re looking for new releases of comics. Things From Another World has a large collection of new stock including comic books, graphic novels, toys and more. If you want to get your hands on the newest comics as quickly as possible, you can also sign up for their subscription service and also take advantage of discounts for pre-ordering. Prices are already very reasonable and you can sign up for further discounts via their email list.

14. Demolition Comics: This fully international site is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Italian, with shipping worldwide. Along with accessories like toys, posters, and apparel, it offers a decent sized collection of mainly back issues of popular American comics like Marvel and DC Comics, as well as some smaller international brands. The website is old-fashioned but it gets the job done and it’s a great option for some harder-to-find editions.

15. Forbidden Planet: For comic lovers in the UK, Forbidden Planet is the go-to resource with the largest collection of recent releases. Browse from genres like fantasy, science fiction, or Japanese manga, along with plenty of US books from Marvel, DC Comics or Star Wars. You can also take advantage of their subscription service without having to commit to more than a single comic. International shipping is available.

16. Comic Collector Live: While this is not an actual “store”, it has a large variety of sellers offering books at prices ranging from cheap to rarer and more expensive. You can search for specific books and see a list of everyone selling it or browse through the listings of a particular store. Free shipping is available with some of the stores if you spend over a certain amount.

17. eBay: This huge auction site is king when it comes to hunting for older or out-of-print editions, but you can also score newer releases here. You can begin with a general search or save one of the hundreds of stores that specialize in comic books to browse their curated collections. Every single price range is represented, from battered and cheap to pristine, expensive collectibles. You can sort by everything from a period, type, price and whether the comic book is new or used.

18. Kings Comics: For comic fans down under, Kings Comics is a beloved resource for comic books, graphic novels, manga and all associated merchandise. You can find Australia-specific books as well as popular American options. Prices are decent and can get even lower if you join their loyalty program, Premier Club. Sort their library by character, price or brand.

19. Amazon: This superstore that sells everything sells plenty of comic books too and are a fantastic source for brand new releases. You can sort through formats (including paperback, hardcover and digital) as well as multiple languages, brands or authors. Amazon’s algorithm is also great at making recommendations to help you find what you may like based on your interests.

20. Marvel Digital Comics Shop: Superfans of the comic book juggernaut will be glad to know they can purchase massively discounted digital editions of Marvel’s comics at this special new store. You can buy single editions and collections of all your faves like Avengers, Captain America and Star Wars. Sort by categories like series, release date, and top rated.

21. Dreamland Comics: This Illinois-based company touts its low prices and excellent customer service. Dreamland Comics does not have a huge collection but offers new releases of major brands like Marvel. DC Comics and Archie, as well as a decent collection of back issues. Shipping in the US is free with orders over $75 and they accept orders worldwide.

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