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‘Outcast’ #12: Keeping the Faith

‘Outcast’ #12: Keeping the Faith

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Outcast #12
Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Paul Azaceta
Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser
Published by Image Comics

The second arc of Outcast closes with more questions than answers. This seems to be the way the comic likes to operate. Throughout the first twelve issues Kyle and Revered Anderson have encountered countless demons and those possessed but know relatively little about how to fight them. Also, whenever Kyle saves someone they are sometimes worse for ware. Robert Kirkman is hinting in Outcast #12 that the answers are to come. Until there are adequate answers to the burning questions in Outcast this comic could easily become rote and follow the same pattern of demon encounter, faith questioned by Kyle, faith trusted in by Reverend Anderson, then possible exorcism. These issues need some form of answer or Outcast will get old fast.

The rote feeling aside, this issue does advance the story somewhat. Kyle’s sister, Megan, becomes possessed and lets Kyle know that soon he will merge with all of the demons. Whatever this means it isn’t explained any further. What this knowledge does do is light a fire inside of Kyle. He’s determined to take Reverend Anderson seemingly on the road to find others who are possessed to learn all they can about demons and not let the Bible interfere. The next arc could be more interesting with a different setting and less reliance on Reverend Anderson’s blind faith. More emphasis on Kyle’s past relationship with his wife and whatever will happen to Megan will make this a fresher comic.

Art by Paul Azaceta is still top notch. The pencils of Megan’s attack on Mark are off-putting and spine chilling. Kyle’s reaction faces are still very well drawn and a sense of anger and despair can easily be read. Elizabeth Breitweiser’s dark colors make it seem as if the world of Outcast is swallowing itself. Much in the same way that Megan wants to swallow Kyle’s power the colors from Breitweiser serve as a cold entry to a daunting future.

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Overall, Outcast #12 successfully pushes the story forward, however languidly. If the next arc starts a-fresh, in a new location with a different and more interesting set of characters to play off of Kyle and Reverend Anderson, Outcast can become a great read again. More development between Kyle and those he wronged will fill out more back story and bring us back to the heart of Outcast: why Kyle is important.