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Paranormal Activity 4′? Paramount: Yes, Please!


It has been speculated if there was going to be another installment of the latest horror franchise after the release of the 2nd sequel Paranormal Activity 3 last fall which managed to scare $54 million out of its audiences opening weekend and a worldwide gross of $202.2 million (which every media outlet is quick to point out beats the 1st and 2nd films) and only cost $5 million to make! Those figures alone all but guaranteed that the cameras would capture more ghostly shenanigans for another round. Now Paramount confirms that we will indeed have the chance to follow the misdeeds of Paranormal Acivity’s evil entities in a fourth film that is said to be aimed for release in 2012 (likely October, as it has traditionally been released in).

But should audiences have reservations about the “low-budget franchise with big profits” (it’s estimated all 3 films have grossed close to $300 million) as its being milked for all its worth and could possibly lose steam? Or has it  fully realized its creative potential now and can only get better from here? Well fans can decide when the film is released later this year.


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