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Pirating the 2010 Oscars

Andy Baio of has been tracking the online distribution of Oscar screeners since 2003, only to discover that  every year, the piracy scene manages to release nearly every film by nomination day. Last year, all but three films were leaked in DVD quality by nomination day.  According to Andy, fewer Oscar screeners leaked online this year — only 14 out of 34 nominated films, the lowest percentage ever. Andy goes on to ask, “why the shift this year? Are studios doing a better job protecting screeners and intimidating Academy members? Or was this year’s crop of films too boring for pirates to bother with? My answer is that he may not be looking hard enough considering many sources tell me that several of the best picture nominees including the foreign language choices have. As far as the quality of films goes, I personally think 2009 was a great year in film and can easily taking second place in the number of submissions to my top of the decade.

Ready Andy’s full story here.

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