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Troma Presents: Meat Weed America

“A film that’s fun but ultimately looks like more fun to make than to watch”

Meat Weed America

Directed by Aiden Dillard

I’m all for tits & ass in fact it was my nickname throughout kindergarten until I found out what it was and took further protection to not get the cooties. Blood and guts, and poops and pees are both staple characteristic traits in some of my favorite movies. It’s for these reasons that Troma has always been a true friend of mine. What other film company can throw tits, guts and feces into a scene as effortlessly as Troma does? That’s why when I got a copy of one of their most recent releases, Aiden Dillard’s Meat Weed America, a follow-up to the previously released Meat Weed Madness (2006), I was amply prepared for the stupidest, ugliest, goriest, gag-fest that the film so valiantly claims to be.

Obviously this film is raunchy. Imagine if you puked in a bag and let it sit out in the sun for awhile and then poured it over cheesecake and served it to the old folks at the retirement center you work at because you can’t hold down a job which doesn’t involve wiping rippled asses and hearing the same stories over and over again, telling them in was a fancy French dessert.  If you were unfortunate enough to have seen Uwe Boll’s Postal (2007) then you can assure yourself that this film is no different, other than the fact it’s a Troma film. Both films have unexpected penises (Dave Foley’s wang in Postal was divine but introducing your film Meat Weed America while dancing naked in the woods is just as metaphoric), and both films rely on the audiences love of poop and pot jokes while maintaining the constant threat of female nudity to keep audience members watching (“If there’s a boob coming out I’M going to see it” said with both thumbs pointing towards face). They also both have an assumption that we find terrorist-spoofs funny. I kinda feel like when Trey Parker did it in 2004 with Team America it was already old, he just banked on the fact that puppets are so cool because they look like humans but aren’t. At least I think they aren’t but they very well might have stolen our souls and now possess the power to become human (and we’ll talk about the cyborg/human debate at a later date).

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The plot revolves around a circumcised terrorist and his band of scantily clad lady militia trying to take back the circumcision from the evil Lord Meatwood. Our hero, Bin Smokin’, must siege the castle in order to retain his missing foreskin before Lord Meatwood turns it into the highly potent, highly addictive marijuana!

You’ll get exactly what you expect with Meat Weed America, a film that’s fun but ultimately looks like more fun to make than to watch. Still you can’t fault them for having a good time. Guaranteed to make a party 2 step with confused anger/excitement, especially if you put it on in the background without volume.

– Detroit Burns