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Short Film: ‘Project: Kill Lana’s Boyfriend’

Andre Szydlowski helped us out in launching out video-cast Front Row Center, and now we can help return the favor by posting the trailer for his latest short film Project: Kill Lana’s Boyfriend. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured one of his shorts on our site. A while back, I wrote a review for his homage to film noir called Canterbury Black, which you can see here.

Watch the trailer for his new film, which he himself says was heavily inspired by the hit television series Arrested Development, and if you like what you see, head over to his IndieGoGo fund-raising page, and throw some dollars his way. Enjoy.

Plot Synopsis:

Lana MacGuffin is the hottest girl in school. At least according to her sociopathic stalker Vishesh who makes a habit of bottling her scent. She’s his rightful property but there’s only one problem — Lana has a boyfriend. An annoying goody-two shoes who makes a habit of being too alive. Vishesh concocts a project to reconcile just that. Through carefully outlined steps, he infiltrates their home and begins to disassemble his enemy psychologically. Lana’s Boyfriend can’t seem to understand how his greatest fears — including being chased by a creepy doll — have suddenly become tangible realities. He tries desperately to clutch onto his last remnants of sanity as his new housemate moves closer and closer to Lana.

“Project: Kill Lana’s Boyfriend” is an existential powerhouse examining the gap between want and desire. A transcendent piece of art house filmmaking guaranteed to polemicize film critics and audiences worldwide. “Project: Kill Lana’s Boyfriend” is sure to leave you in awe and asking the important philosophical questions. It’s also definitely probably going to make you quit your job and embark on a journey of self-discovery wherein you’ll meet a drug addict with a heart of gold and a quirky but beautiful Zooey-Deschannel-type as you all experience understated dramedic moments on the road to nowhere and everywhere in your dilapidated Volvo station wagon.