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33 Games for 33 Years – Part 1

33 Games for 33 Years – Part 1

It’s December 16th and this morning I turned 33. So I thought it would be fun to think of 33 video games I’ve played to date. There is so much to say that I’ve had to break this down into a few blogs. You can refer to the numbers I’ve associated with each game to read my little blurbs about them below the list. Since this month is Star Wars month, I’ll list those first. Commentaries may contain spoilers.

1) Star Wars Jedi Academy


I liked this one, one of the first
Star Wars games I played. Played through twice, once human and another time Twi’lek. I enjoyed the story but at the same time I was hoping there would be more to it, more choices. I liked playing Light Side but with Dark Side powers. Lightning powers were the best.

2) Star Wars Jedi Outcast

jedi outcast

I never got through this one actually. I played it after Jedi Academy because I liked Kyle Katarn as a character. However, the fact that you begin with a blaster just threw me off. I wanted my lightsaber from the start.

3) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


Epic. Do I need say more. For Star Wars games, as a first RPG that I was playing other than Zelda games, this was ‘’la noix”. The story of Revan is one of the best stories in the whole Expanded Universe for the Old Republic and it’s a difficult one to beat. I’ve said it before and won’t shy away from saying it again. Not to mention the awesome big reveal two thirds in the game. Best build up ever!

4) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords


Compared to KOTOR, it was disappointing, however there are a lot of good characters and it establishes some nice story lines for the novels and for SWTOR. Some of the story’s aspects were a little redundant, like beginning with few memories and being drained of your powers. However, I was shocked when Kreia just destroys the Jedi you gathered and was left aghast. I wanted to kill her then and there. Is it just me, or did Malachor V creep some of you out too? And I never actually got to romance Atton. I tried, and tried and never got any fulfillment and later learnt that you had to be Dark Side to get a full romance, like what’s up with that! At least KoTOR 1 had some good romance options. Damn you Atton! But it did have Darth Nihilus who I like to believe is the Emperor from SWTOR (refer to my SWTOR Shadow of Revan review for all the details on that).

5) Star Wars: The Old Republic


Ah SWTOR… Well, I’ll be blogging a lot about that one. It’s the first MMO I ever played and still play. I started off Free-to-Play, then I discovered Xpadder and subscribed. I could play with an Xbox 360 controller. However, I upgraded laptops recently and Windows 10 does not support Xpadder or other programs. I went through a few free trials to try to get something to work. However, now I know the game, the gameplay and I’ve become quite the adaptable player, so relearning to play with a keyboard hasn’t been so tough. That’s something we in my guild pride ourselves for. So I relearned to play SWTOR with no controller. So far so good.

6) Lego Star Wars

lego star wars

You gotta love Lego Star Wars for its little parody scenes. You can play as so many characters. If you play as Boba Fett, you can unlock so even more secrets and coins. And in the blink of an eye, turn into R2-D2. Did you unlock the Lego village level? And the bugs are pretty funny. Floating naked man who looks like he’s peeing in a corner…anyone else have that bug? 

7) Angry Birds Star Wars / Angry Birds Space / Seasons / Vanilla

AB star wars

 I group all these together because they are basically the same thing. Pigs steal eggs, birds on slingshots, etc. It’s addictive, fun and you can play on the go. Each game has a theme, but it’s basically Angry Birds with new sounds, backgrounds and the same funny abilities. A family friendly game that everyone can play at the same time on each of their devices.

8) Angry Birds Epic

AB epic

Just as addictive, but this time a bit more story and later you play with pigs too. You go through levels and gain XP and it’s just fun to play when needing to get your mind off of things. I might be addicted to it, since I visit it every day… It’s similar to early turn based RPG games where you have your team of three attacking opponents. The abilities are varied and different for each bird and types of pigs too. So it’s fun in that regard. If you like the old fashioned RPGs, it’s a good AB game to play.

9) Café World

café world

Okay, so what’s YOUR Facebook vice that you played, got addicted to and then couldn’t stop playing, then spent real money on, only to stop playing eventually. This was mine, I even created a Facebook account for some of my alter egos and created their own little cafés so that they could help me out. I haven’t played in a long time now and I dare not go back. The smell that all those rotten dishes are producing has probably made customers turn away. If the café has not yet been shut down, that is.

10) Transformice


So, this little game is stupidly addictive. You play a mouse, okay, helped by the Shaman mouse, which you get to be in turns. It’s an online based game. You can earn points and use them to get items to dress your mouse up. Mine’s dressed as Link with a lightsaber (hey, how fitting!). So you run to the cheese, right, and you go through obstacles, and then you run to the mouse hole. Oh the trolling that came from people raging because they were trying to be first in the hole and came in a close second instead. I met some good people though, was part of a Tribe and made some good online friends with whom I keep in touch today. Hotshots by the way, that’s my tribe!

Bonus Game: The Force Unleashed

force unleashed

The story of Starkiller is an interesting one as it implies Darth Vader having a secret apprentice. As Starkiller, you’re a tool for Vader to defeat the Emperor, but you’re also possibly a clone of yourself in the second Force Unleashed game. In the game itself, the story isn’t much and the gameplay is not that different from Jedi Academy, but the powers are a lot more interesting. Taking down a Star Destroyer and using lightning to send people flying looks pretty darn awesome. The books however are really good. Both Force Unleashed novels really delve into Starkiller’s character with his droid, the sexy pilot and the blind Jedi Master. If you’ve played the games and feel you wanted more out of the story, than I suggest picking up the books.

And there you have it. More from my list coming soon. Thanks for reading.