SDCC 2015: Tales from Hall H

inside hall h

After braving the elements, the moment I had been waiting for arrived. ¬†For the first time ever I had made it into Hall H. The atmosphere is electric. People dash here and there seeking out the best seat in the hall. In the scramble I lost my group. The fault was mine. I was taking in the sheer size of the hall and completely lost track of everyone. No amount of shouting our distress call “Margot Robbie, Caw, Caw” was going to help me. Worst yet, my cellphone died, cutting me off completely.

I found a decent seat in the middle of the room and then immediately ran to the restroom, which was a complete madhouse. Women were running in and out of stalls trying to make it out before Warner Bros. began their presentation. The lady behind me gave me a shove as soon as a stall opened up for me. Yeah, there was no time for shenanigans.

Once I returned to my seat all I could do was wait until the moderator appeared. Moments later, the president of SDCC came out reminding attendees not to leak any footage we see onto the net. Then Aisha Tyler came on stage and the crowd went wild. Tyler did a short song and dance about the WB before ordering the show to officially begin.

Two curtains were pulled back revealing two giant screens on either side of the room. It was incredible! We were surrounded by screens that showed the WB’s recent hits, as well as upcoming films.

Sitting there, watching trailers, listening to actors speak out their work…it made the hours I had spent camping out on The Island absolutely worth it.

will smith

I was moved to tears a couple of times while watching each studio parade their work for us to enjoy. The music, the atmosphere…hey you try being an emotionless robot in there. However, I’d have to say the WB got me the most. I grew up on DC comics. Batman, Superman, and The Flash were my first heroes. Seeing them all on a giant screen with thousands of other people was truly amazing. Nothing beats being there live.

Eventually I had to go get food. Pro tip: bring your own food. Although the food in the lobby isn’t the worst. It also isn’t the best. And if you absolutely must get food from inside Hall H, get a hotdog. The burgers are the saddest looking thing on Earth, and the nachos aren’t very appetizing.

I stuck around Hall H until Joss Whedon took the stage. Pretty lame I know. But I only had a few hours left before I was due at the train station and I still hadn’t really explored the convention floor or the gaming lounges. Besides, those chairs are really, really uncomfortable. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Seven hours in a rock hard chair was my limit.

Hall H is a wonderful experience that I recommend everyone try at least once. Sure you can watch all the panels online, but physically sitting in Hall H is unlike anything else at the Con.

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