Sion Sono Announced his Next Project

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According to Ryuganji’s Don Brown, acclaimed director Sion Sono has decided on his next film project, an adaption of Minoru Furuya’s psychological thriller manga Himizu.

Furuya Minoru made his debut in 1993 with the hit manga series Ping-Pong Club published weekly in Young Magazine, a series that set the standard for comedy manga throughout the 1990s. Himizu is different from his earlier work, a twisted tale of a middle-school boy’s psychological state of mind and how he deals with stressful situations.

Sion Sono has quickly become one of my favorite Japanese filmmakers. In 2001, he wrote, directed, and shot, what would later become his most successful movie to date: Suicide Circle, (Jisatsu Saakuru). The disturbing thriller about Japan’s incredibly high suicide rate was made in under four weeks time and placed him on the top tier of directors coming out of Japan. Sono is also known for Hair Extension, Hazzard and Cold Fish but his 2008, the four hour long countercultural romantic epic, Love Exposure stands as his best film to date.

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