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Smash, Ep.2.12: “Opening Night” A Night That Fizzles Out

Smash, Ep.2.12: “Opening Night” A Night That Fizzles Out

Smash - Season 2

Smash, Season 2, Episode 12: “Opening Night”
Written by: Bathsheba Doran & Noelle Valdivia
Directed by: Michael Morris

Airs Saturdays at 9pm (ET) on NBC

When the term “opening night” is used in reference to a Broadway show or any type of theatre for that matter, it can evoke a nervous, edge of your seat feeling. Will the actors remember all their lines and cues? How will the press react? What will the audience think? Is it going to spark sold-out performances for the rest of its run? So when an episode of Smash titles itself “Opening Night” one can only hope it will be suspenseful and fill us (that tiny Smash audience that’s hanging on by the thinest piece of thread) with anxiety. But “Opening Night” completely fizzles out and lamely rests on plot lines Smash continues to rehash.

The cast of Hit List is invited by Eileen to attend the opening night of Bombshell, because that’s the right thing to do? An invitation for Derek, Karen, and Scott is acceptable, but really the rest of them have to go too? Karen is reluctant to attend because she sees Bombshell in the same light as an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, but Jimmy turns her on to the idea of bringing a date to her ex’s wedding. Little does Jimmy know that Ana has decided to bring Jimmy’s brother, Adam, to the opening of Bombshell too. I guess Ana gets turned on by the type of man who creepily leers outside the stage doors of independent stage productions. And that’s still the most we know about her character.

Over at Bombshell Tom meets with a producer who offers him another directing position, this time for City of Angels. Tom is flabbergasted but more than excited to take the offer without thinking about the repercussions it will have on his friendship with Julia. Ivy is having doubts about her performance but both her mother and Derek are there to reaffirm to her that she’s great (really she is! Megan Hilty we can only pray that you find work after this Smash mess that will properly showcase how brilliantly talented you are). Derek however is less than encouraging after flubbing on where the line in their “relationship” stands.

In the limo on the way to opening night after Julia kidnaps some random boy, or is that her son? And if it’s her son why is he asking his mom about Ivy being naked on stage? Anyway, Julia gives Tom the gift of The Great Gatsby. For their next collaboration she wants them to begin adapting it for the stage. Julia, Baz Luhrmann called. He wants you to know that he just finished making a movie of The Great Gatsby. He’s going to make sure that trailers for the movie are running constantly and the ad campaign for the movie will inundate everyone so that no one will want to hear the name Gatsby for at least a decade.


After the Bombshell performance, Rosie O’Donnell is randomly there to pat Tom and Julia on the back. Because when you think Broadway you immediately think Rosie O’Donnell. At the after party (is it supposed to look like they are partying on the set of The Great Gatsby? If so- Julia you are the best at gift-giving.) Karen demands she get the full scoop about Jimmy’s past. He gives her the CliffNotes on his abusive father and his drug-dealing brother. It’s sad Jimmy is forced to explain his past so quickly since he has the most interesting backstory. Jimmy catches Adam at the party and decides this is the proper place to engage in a fistfight, which is immediately broken up by Eileen who throws a bucket of ice on them (perhaps really the best performance of the night). Afterwards Jimmy and Karen’s relationship is on the rocks, which isn’t anymore interesting than Karen’s terrible taste in lipstick color. Karen your lips look like they’re suffering from a severe case of frostbite. It just had to be said.

The reviews are in for Bombshell and for the most part it’s a hit! Except with the New York Times because Eileen had to go and break Richard Francis’ heart. Eileen’s publicist, Agnes, suggests backing down on the adverts for Bombshell, but Eileen would like to do just the opposite. Scott and Derek sense an opportunity for their show Hit List after watching Ivy and Karen perform a duet of “That’s Life” probably one of the most entertaining musical numbers for Smash. Scott and Derek deduce that Hit List should give it a try on Broadway so Ivy and Karen can duke it out for a Tony award. Sure guys, why not? That seems totally, realistically, plausible.

In the end Julia feels duped by Tom, Ivy feels used by Derek, Derek did use Ivy because he couldn’t have Karen, Karen is mad (again) at Jimmy, Eileen is still business savvy, and Tom is…a tad bit creepy? Before the night is over Tom stops Kyle to chat about the show and then asks Kyle is he wants to leave with him. Kyle, hesitant at first, eventually ends up leaving with Tom. First, Kyle looks as though he’s no older than fifteen. Second, this makes Tom a huge hypocrite after getting in Julia’s face about spending time with Scott. Third, what about Sam? Tom and Sam were so good together. And were good for Smash too!


-Millicent Evans