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Stream all 9.5 hours of epic Holocaust documentary ‘Shoah’

Stream all 9.5 hours of epic Holocaust documentary ‘Shoah’


Many people look to their streaming options as a way to unwind, to quickly turn something on for a simple evening of entertainment. How many times have we all been there, sitting with bitter, bickering family members torn between the Best Foreign Language Oscar winner from two years ago you’ve really been meaning to get to or finally catching up on Orange is the New Black or deciding, “Oh to hell with it, I’m watching Top Gear.

Well fret no more, as the ultimate streaming choice has now become available, the most epic ordeal of a binge watching session imaginable, Claude Lanzmann’s near 10-hour documentary Shoah.

Subscription streaming service SundanceNow Doc Club will have the exclusive, digital premiere streaming access to Lanzmann’s film starting November 9. Now you can watch the entire ordeal of Holocaust survivors recounting their grim stories of tragedy and suffering from the comfort of your own computer or smart phone.

Lanzmann’s film is a remarkable cinematic experience any lover of film should really see once, with no archive footage from the war and intimate, harrowing and blunt interviews during its entire 566 minute run time. It was recently named the Number 2 Greatest Documentary of All Time by Sight and Sound, behind only Man with a Movie Camera.

Shoah was widely unavailable (unless you wanted to watch the whole thing in two parts on YouTube with German subtitles) prior to a DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film by the Criterion Collection, and Thompson on Hollywood has word that the restoration’s 4K HD transfer, presented in its original aspect ratio, will also be the version streamed on SundanceNow Doc Club.

So now you have no excuse for not watching it.

Correction: An original version of this article listed the streaming service as “SundanceNow” when the full title is “SundanceNow Doc Club.”