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‘Super 8’ – TV Spot Clues

It’s coming up on March and fans of J.J. Abrams know what that means. Since the release of a teaser during the Super Bowl for Super 8 (Abrams’ latest effort with producer Steven Spielberg), fanboys everywhere have scoured the interweb to find all the footage and dissecting every frame of it for clues about the plot and its characters as those details are still a much closely guarded secret – up until now. All that sleuthing has paid off as some very pertinent images were pinpointed in the teaser’s final seconds when the camera flickers during the title such as these ones:

A date revealed on side of bottom right image

This brings us to why March is suddenly the time for great anticipation; on the side of the frame of one image is the date “03/11/2011” embedded. Many speculate that this is when the full trailer will be released considering how the studios went out of their way to specifically plant it in such an obscure position but likely knowing the intense attention paid to the teaser, it’s an interesting marketing ploy. Nothing has been confirmed, but Slashfilm did point out that Abrams was quoted previously on the likelihood of a trailer in March. Another possible important date is featured prominently in an image that was spliced together from different frames like a puzzle: September 19, 1962. Whether that is integral to the plot remains to be seen. Movieweb compiled a gallery of captured images (some of which were comprised similarly of pieced together frames like the previously mentioned clue) that went by too fast for the naked eye to catch. With these stills, you’ll be able to browse and scrutinize over the various clues yourself and if the teaser is true, there will be much more to pore over in a couple more days.

Check out the rest of the images/clues below and for full size ones check out Movieweb’s gallery. Directed and written by J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, TV’s Lost), Super 8 stars Kyle Chandler (TV’s Friday Night Lights, The Day the Earth Stood Still), Ron Eldard (Freedomland) and Elle Fanning (Somewhere) and rushes into theaters June 10, 2011.