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    Television that Home Video Forgot: Commander in Chief (2005)

    Commander in Chief is one of those shows that had a strong representation of a woman in political power that was not made to appear as simply a woman stereotype, but as leader who only happened to be a woman, a representation that was by far a landmark in television history and should be remembered as a series that although had it’s production problems, still stands as a significant step towards a future where equality includes gender, even in the highest office of the United States. More

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    Television that Home Video Forgot: My Generation (2010)

    This week commemorates five years since the premiere of My Generation, and although it got poor ratings and was canceled it does not mean it was a bad show. It’s almost always a shame when a network is unable to commit to their programming schedule and it’s only more disappointing when the show is one of quality that was just unable to find its audience in time. There’s no use in trying to elucidate as to why the show was canceled, it’s perhaps more suitable to appraise the show for what was produced, as little as there was. With its very short run and minimal critical recognition, it’s likely this show has been obscured by time, and with every year that goes by it goes unnoticed. This should not be the case as for those who watched it could see that it was a show that had interesting stories to tell, and stimulating ways to tell them using the documentary style device to enhance the myth-making of the characters and the world around them. More

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    ABC releases trailers for their 2015-2016 shows, including ‘The Catch’ and ‘The Muppets’

    With many shows from the 2014-2015 television season easing into their season finales over the next few weeks, numerous network channels are already beginning to gear up for the 2015-2016 television season’s unofficial kickoff in September. ABC is no different, as they have already announced their renewals, cancellations, and new projects. At Upfronts this week, […] More

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    ABC announces renewals, pickups, and series orders

    ABC has unveiled a good picture of what its 2015-2016 television season will look like, handing down a number of renewals, cancellations, and series orders to new shows, as well as passing on other pilots. Among the new shows on ABC next season will be Quantico, The Catch, Wicked City, The Family, Of Kings and […] More

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    Damn Good Podcast – Twin Peaks Origins

    Welcome to the very first episode of A Damn Good Podcast about Twin Peaks. Cooper, Miko, and Ophilia, hosts of Swingset.FM‘s Hannibal podcast Eat The Rudecast, partnered with Sound On Sight to crawl through the archives and watch Twin Peaks from the very beginning. This first episode introduces the show and the crew, through a […] More

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    How To Get Away With Murder, Ep. 1.14 and 1.15: “The Night Lila Died” and “It’s All My Fault” stick the landing

    How To Get Away With Murder wraps up its season with a two-hour finale that solves the central mystery while leaving some questions unanswered. Some of the episode is a slog, padded out by yet another snoozy case of the week, but the last 10 minutes are as suspenseful as anything on television. If Peter Norwalk and the writers can figure out how to drop the procedural element of the show and more fully explore the actions of the regular characters, some of whom are not much more fleshed out than when the series began, the show will be much improved in season 2. More

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