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    ‘Undertale’ is a charming and unique revision of the RPG formula

    Undertale made an impression on not only the indie scene but the entire video game world when it released last month. The result of a wildly successful campaign through Kickstarter which began two years ago, this revisionist take on the classic RPG was said to blend elements of Earthbound, Shin Megami Tensei and Touhou into an entirely originally package. The effort of over 2,000 backers and the mind of Toby Fox helped create one of the most unique and charming releases this year. More

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    ‘I Am Bread’: The Toast With The Most

    You’re a piece of bread. Well, one slice of bread in a loaf. However, you are special. You have a quest, like no other piece of bread. You’ve always been a ‘do-it-yourself’ individual, even when you were just a single grain (work with me here, I know bread doesn’t grow from a single grain). So while most other pieces of bread would be happy to let the people do all the work, you’ve taken it upon yourself to become toast. More

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    ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’ weaves a great tale, lacks compelling gameplay

    Sometimes an experience is all something offers and in the end it’s all something needs to offer. This has been the trend with story-driven indie game walking simulators for the past few years. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter attempts to tell its story in a similar fashion while surpassing its contemporaries in certain aspects and, conversely, failing at being something more than it ought to. More

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    ‘Duck Game’ offers excellent multiplayer value but flounders in single player

    The recent revival of local multiplayer has been a welcome addition in the crowded, independent platformer genre. Towerfall in 2013 and Nidogg in 2014 both provided a seemingly endless source of group fun with their own particular flavor of easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay. Now in 2015, Adult Swim Games will release Duck Game on Steam (previously an OUYA exclusive), in what seems to be an attempt to bank on single screen multiplayer resurgence. ASG have a pretty excellent track record as of late, including the much praised Jazz Punk and the brilliantly old school Völgarr the Viking. Thankfully Duck Game succeeds where it matters most, with a group of friends and some genuinely unexpected moments, yet like so many of its counterparts, it leaves little for the solo player. More

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    ‘AudioSurf’ builds a unique musical ride

    Music has the power to make you move, to inspire great works, and to touch your soul. But as the year draws to a close, Christmas music prepares to blast our eardrums for what seems like an eternity, music becomes the enemy (I love Christmas, but can we at least wait till Thanksgiving is over before we deck the halls?). Before we all stuff our ears with cotton, let’s reflect on a game that really brought music to life in the distant year of 2008. More

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    ‘Lakeview Cabin’ is flooded with laughs and screams

    Lakeview Cabin Hypnohustler PC Private island. Peaceful cabin. Perfect weather. These hardly seem like the elements of a horror game, but Lakeview Cabin manages to turn this scenic vacation spot into the stuff of nightmares. It’s impossible to talk too much about this horrifyingly comedic puzzle game without ruining the plot, so, SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been […] More

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