Demeter is a Brilliant Piece of Self-Published Art


By: Becky Cloonan
Publisher: Self

When Comixology announced that they would offer a self-publishing feature, the indie world nearly exploded. Now creators the world over could get their work into the hands of the public. Creators, who would never have a true chance to garner a fan base, now have a soap box which to launch their works. The feature, while initially a risk, now serves as a regular who’s who of indie darlings. Yet when Becky Cloonan decided to self-publish her most recent work entitled Demeter, Comixology found that the risk had paid off.

Demeter is a one-shot tale of loss and regret, one that is steeped in Scottish folklore, more specifically the myth of the Selkie. The story follows a fish-wife whose husband is about to depart on a fishing trip. Fearing that she may never see him again, the wife slips into a pit of despair and paranoia. To make matters worse, she starts to see and hear something, something that may be coming for her husband. Is this just the cries of depression or something far, far worse?

Demeter_prev01Becky Cloonan is quickly becoming one of the top producers of folk tales. Her heart-breaking trilogy, in which Demeter is the third and final act, are spins on classic folk tales. The previous chapters, The Mire and Wolves I (both of which are available on Comixology), have garnered critical acclaim en masse. With Demeter, the formula works again, with Cloonan crafting a story that is both beautiful and terrifying. Cloonan successfully manages to keep the reader in the dark, tip toeing along the edge of knife, careful not to fall into the abyss.

This is a personal book for Cloonan and it shows in the artwork. What appears on page, or on screen for that matter, is a perfect marriage of artwork, lettering and story that can only come from handling every aspect of the book yourself. The imagery is beautifully haunting, with panels that will stick in your head for days.

Demeter is currently only 0.99 cents on Comixology yet it is worth far, far more. This is a flawless book by one of the industries more talented artists. Do yourself a favour and grab this, it’s less than a cup of coffee and far more rewarding.


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