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    2012 and the Box Office: It Was A Very Good Year

    I hate being wrong. Really hate it. The only thing I hate more than being wrong is publicly admitting I’m wrong. And, man, when it comes to how 2012 played out at the movies matched up against what I’d predicted in my end-of-2011 box office wrap-up, I couldn’t have been more wrong. “Want a prediction […] More

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    More Equal Than Others: Six Films of 2012 Done Better

    For better or worse, films don’t exist in a vacuum. If literature derives from itself, and, according to Marshall McLuhan, the content in any new medium is always the same as in the old, then films don’t exactly have a wealth of opportunities to be original. You can always compare a film to one that […] More

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    Look Back at the Best Films of 2012

    “Hey You Geeks!!” is all about the bread and butter of Geek Cinema; comic book films, science fiction, action, horror and fantasy. Because these genres overwhelmingly embody the money-earning side of film, they tend to exist on an uneven plain where weeding out the good from the bad is an often tedious task. Along this […] More

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    The Best Movie Trailers of 2012

    An effective trailer can do wonders for a film. For every movie that is guaranteed to have an audience, there are many more that need to build their own buzz, and there’s no faster way to do that than with a good trailer. A well made trailer can turn a monster movie from a first-time […] More

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    Best Movie Moments of 2012 (part four)

    10: Skyfall – Prison Sequence In Skyfall, Javier Bordem plays Raoul Silva, a cyber-brainiac, who isn’t so much interested in world domination as his goals are more personal. He isn’t your typical 007 megalomaniac but Silva provides many of the film’s highlights. Bardem goes big, and for most of the film he persuades us that […] More

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    20 Best Horror Films of 2012

    It’s no big secret I love horror films, but 2012 hasn’t been a great year. In my top ten, three films carry over from 2011, two won’t be released until 2013, two are animated and another isn’t much of a horror film. With that said, 2012 gave us Berberian Sound Studio and Cabin In The […] More

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    Retro Cinema Classics: ‘Alien’ (Ridley Scott, 1979)

    With the director’s latest, Prometheus, promising to be one of this year’s better efforts, I felt it necessary to take a long overdue first look at Ridley Scott’s widely lauded sci-fi/horror hybrid. It’s easily one of the better entries to ever grace both genres, I’ll give it that, and even despite its age, Alien holds […] More

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    2012’s Great Movie Moments: June

    At the end of each month, the Sound On Sight staff will band together to write an article about their favourite scenes in films released. Here are our favourite scenes from the month of May. Warning: Of course, spoilers are in full effect here! **** Killer Joe – KFC Rape Killer Joe marks an unshakeable […] More

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    2012: The Best Movies of June

    Every thirty days, I like to post a list of my favorite films I’ve recently watched. Here are the best films I’ve seen throughout the month of September. This list is based on movies theatrically released here in Canada, and I do not include what I have seen at film festivals. **** 1: Prometheus Directed […] More

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    Breaking the Bank: Six of Hollywood’s Lost Old-School Epics

      For moviegoers growing up in the last 20-30 years, big is the new normal.  I’m talking about those big-budget, over-produced, effects/action-packed extravaganzas that are as expected and routine an arrival as a commuter bus, and never more so than during the summer months.  Come a rise in temperatures, there’s an almost ceaseless parade of […] More

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