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    Ray Donovan, Ep 1.07 “New Birthday” pushes its lead character in the right direction

    It may have taken seven episodes to get us there, but Ray Donovan finally convinced its lead character to do something interesting. Watching Ray put himself repeatedly in harm’s way (to the absolute bafflement of those he’s trying to get through) almost approaches the level of charming. Especially with the overall, off-kilter weirdness of Sully’s Boston surroundings. More

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    The Televerse #100- Informed Opinions: Chemistry on TV

    There’s plenty of TV to discuss this week on the podcast, with comedy and reality premieres galore. First we go through the week in comedy, including the premieres of Web Therapy, Childrens Hospital, and NTSF:SD:SUV::. Then we move on to reality, including the premieres of Top Chef Masters and The Writers’ Room and the recent […] More

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    Ray Donovan, Ep 1.04 “Black Cadillac” achieves depth during a downward spiral

    Four episodes into Ray Donovan and already a regular viewing pattern emerges. When Ray appears onscreen, the natural reaction is to tense up. These are the moments when the show is at its bleakest; when it truly tries to be a crime drama and not some mishmash of family interludes and semi-comedic relationships that might actually be intended for comedic effect. More

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    IFC’s Maron is sardonic and uncomfortable

    Ever since watching the series finale of IFC’s new series, Maron, I have struggled to find the right words and the right tone to describe my experience with the show. It is far from perfect and has its fair share of missteps, but excels in bringing to life Marc Maron’s sardonic world view that he […] More

  • Screencap of jukebox from the Sopranos finale, Made in America

    Second Language: A decade of pop music on TV

    The third track on one of my favorite rock records of the last decade, Okkervil River’s The Stage Names, is called “A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene.” Without context, its lyric is a bit of a tough nut to crack. Will Sheff sings about events unfolding on a TV screen in the first verse, recaps […] More

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    The Top Five Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch This Fall

    5-American Horror Story If you’ve yet to tune in to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s show American Horror Story, now’s your chance to catch up before the newest season kicks off this upcoming October. One of the more unique shows currently on air, each season acts as a new story. A new era, new location, […] More

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    Greatest TV Pilots: Carnivále

    From the first few remarks of a cryptic prologue, Carnivále’s pilot, “Milfay,” ushers in a different sort of drama, a form of storytelling comfortable with its own weirdness and undaunted by grandiose ideas. Just as one might expect from the acts of a traveling circus, there’s much more to Carnivále than meets the eye, and its ambitious first episode deals with themes of magic and a conflict of biblical proportions.

  • NYPD Blue cast photo, season 2

    The Televerse #93- NYPD Blue with Ellen Gray

    There’s a bit more TV to discuss this week on the podcast, with a few premieres, some event television, and catch-ups on recent series. First we look at the usual comedies, plus a check in with Save Me, then some reality, including this week’s Tony Awards, and finally our standard dramas, as well as the […] More

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